Friday, November 15, 2013

They Lied

They lied - the medical people - they lied - honest true they did !!

They told me that the muscle relaxants and pain pills that I am taking for the pinched nerve in my neck, wouldn't affect my daily life..............that I could still do everything - including driving a car.  

They lied !

The combination of these pills is giving me flash backs to the good old days of smoking pot........... back in the hippie days of the 60's.  Pretty colours, paranoia, mood swings all the good stuff - gahhhhhhhhhhhhh  Not so good now that I remember

I am taking it easy - at least trying to.  Yesterday I went out to the local kid's park to complete an assignment for my photography class.  Remember I said I wasn't sure if this "creative" photography class is for me - with all the spiraling colours and out of focus pics??? Well sh*t - if I stay on these pills - I will be turning in all sorts of out of focus - spiraling coloured pics.  (le sigh)

At most I spent 45 minutes at the park and barely made it home!!  My whole world was spinning out of control - and when the world spins my stomach turns.  Ain't life grand??!!

Anyway - all that to say - I am trying to create and make Christmas cards.  Using the embossing tool was hard to do before the pills - it hurt to draw with it and I didn't have as much strength as I should to press down hard enough.  Now I am on the pills I probably could press down hard enough - only problem is the damn pattern I am trying to work on keeps slipping and siding and rotating all on it's own - which makes me more dizzy than I normally am (on a good day!!)

(and I am noticing as I proof read - that I can't write worth a darn either - leaving out words and mixing my metaphors - le GRAND sigh - time to call it a day me thinks....)

Oh except... one last thing - last night I "threw" the Chinese fortune sticks to see what is in store for me (something I haven't done since I got here ) and they told me that the "illness" I am suffering through won't be serious and will be gone soon - and my financial fortunes will stay the same goodie - maybe there is a bright spot ............. the neck will improve and I'll still be broke (cheeky grin)



  1. It's ridiculous that they told you that you'd be safe to drive on muscle relaxants (can't comment so much on the pain pills because it really depends on type of pain medication), especially since you aren't used to them. Muscle relaxants are known for side effects that could make driving dangerous. In the US they're very clearly labeled as "may cause impairment operating heavy machinery" (which includes driving), but I have no idea how medications are labeled in Canada.

    I really hope your neck heals quickly. If you can, I'd really suggest just taking it easy through the weekend and trying not to do much. When I'm on short-term injury muscle relaxants, I just don't do much other than sleep, listen to music, watch tv/movies, and read. Also, it's less strain on your neck if you really hold things up so that you aren't bending your neck at all. Your arms will get tired, but better that than straining your neck. If you can keep your head/neck as supported as possible, it will also help. Personally, I find ice actually better than heat for neck issues even when it's muscular. (I discovered this after neck surgery a couple years ago.) I've been dealing with neck problems for years (due to a larger medical condition, my vertebrae don't stay in place which results in all sorts of "fun" both neurological and muscular). If you want any additional advice, feel free to ask.

  2. Alyson

    Thank you so much for offering up suggestions/advice. I have never had a pinched nerve before and - despite what I have - I always feel guilty if I sit on my ass and there is work to be done.

    But you are right about bending my neck (I can hear W growling now - as he keeps telling me the same thing) if I just sit and keep my head still my neck feels better. This morning I worked on about 4 cards and GOD!!! my neck hurts....guess I`ll wait a bit before making any more............


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