Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pushing Limits

Last evening I was having an excellent discussion with a friend (do I need to add submissive?? well she is)  We were discussing my photography classes - catching up so to speak.

I was talking about how this course may not be up my alley.  How I like my pictures sharp/in focus, colours true - image life like - and how this term my instructor is pushing us to take over exposed, out of focus pictures.  

My friend commented that perhaps she was pushing me to look at things differently - to explore an unexplored territory. 

As we talked I thought more and more about how this is pushing my limits.  And hell I am not a newbie when it comes to having limits pushed!! 

My assignment this week irritated me too.  No clear directions.  Hell hasn't my instructor learned by now that I am the OCD one - the one who needs - no demands - clear cut directions?! 

My assignment this week was to take photos of repeating patterns.  I don't take patterns (small stamp of foot) I take pictures of life - what I see around me.  So I went back and looked at the pictures I have taken thus far............. and went back further and looked at pictures that I have taken because they "looked good" or appealed to me.  And what did I discover - patterns - repeating patterns!  

From the razor wire at the prison

to the headstones in the grave yard ..........

to the light fixtures on the skywalk................

I won't even try to explain what I thought I was taking - now I see I was drawn to the patterns - the orderliness of the lines and curves.

I went back and looked at the pictures I took for this week's assignment - that were taken grudgingly and without much joy............... and as I looked I realized I liked what I had taken!! 

I even discovered that a little out of focus can and does create a completely different picture....................

Picture 1 - the roof over the climbing equipment 

Picture 2 - same roof - just a little out of focus and with perhaps a little more interest....

and so it is that the discussion with my friend opened my eyes to the fact that pushing limits can be more than a BDSM 'thing'.  Pushing limits - pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone - may be exactly what is needed to widen our horizons - open our eyes - challenge us - and lead us to live more adventurous lives!


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