Friday, November 08, 2013

Snap snap

Tuesday night was my last photography class 101.  As we had all finished our assignments and there wasn't much else to do the teacher suggested we all bundle up and go do a night shoot.  

I have never done a night shoot - well not without a flash.  And the teacher taught us with the right magic (well it all sounded like magic to me) we could take night pictures without flash.

I wanted some of that magic - I wanted it soooooooooo badly I overcame my fear of driving downtown - at night!!!  - finding parking and wandering around in the dark.

My "magic" is still very new and definitely not fine tuned - but here's a couple of the best pictures.................

It surprises me a little bit - how bitten by the photography bug I am.  It used to be if W and I went off somewhere I hardly ever took my camera - whereas he almost always took his.

Yesterday we took a day trip to the States.  I brought my camera.  I realized that I would probably only get shots out the car window - but hey I love a challenge!!  Here's a couple of examples of what can be shot out a car window ..................

before smart phones - these used to be called "rest stops" 

    I was fascinated by the cloud formations.....

after a day out of the house I came home re-energized and with a brighter outlook on life in general 

(there was never anything wrong with my outlook on life specifically )

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  1. I like all the photos but your night shots are lovely. I particularly like the window and sign.


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