Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Before Sunrise - EDITED

Check the end of this entry for later pictures - after coffee and after the sun came up

Sometimes - like this morning - I just can't sleep.  

Most times I lie in bed counting sheep - trying................

This morning I got up 

to this.................

The neighbours were pretty sure they lived next door to a "nut case" -- but after this morning they are positive of it!!!  

Outside winter coat over pjs - camera in hand - snapping shots of snow laden branches...............

HEY!  I don't have to drive to work!


  our little street

neighbour's tree

berries on our little tree


  1. Thaw out yourself with a nice cup of Bovril now :) Nice pictures.


  2. Anonymous7:27 pm

    Thank you, the pictures are beautiful. Keep "clicking"!

  3. Ordalie10:08 pm

    Beautiful pictures indeed! I'm rather baffled by the second one (starting at the top of the post): does the light actually comes from the rising sun? It looks like it comes from a street lamp.

  4. @Ordalie - actually it is a combination of the sun rising and my neighbour's porch light :)

  5. It really drives home the benefits of the gulf stream... I think the UK is at about the same latitude as you are, but there's no snow here. In fact, the temperature is around 5*C (and its on the cold side). Even if we did get snow now it would be unusual to get snow as heavy as what you have there!

    The photos are gorgeous - keep snapping away!!

  6. I really love the first two. Somehow they feel cozy, even thought it's all snow....


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