Monday, November 11, 2013

Will You Remember?

I don't know why - but I never thought our little cemetery  would have a "field of honour".   Imagine my surprise when I was wandering around the cemetery a week or so ago to find rows upon rows of grey headstones and realized I had wandered into a field of honour.

I stood there for a long time mesmerized by the neat rows .. row after row .... of headstones.  I think it kinda brought home how many die in the name of freedom - for their country.

I took this picture not so much because of the rows of headstones so neatly lined up - but because of the pumpkin pot of yellow mums.

You see - as I walked down the pathway that led to the field of honour - there was this big sign that declared to one and all "no plants or flowers - real or plastic - allowed "  The powers to be had spoken.  When I read that sign it raised my ire.  IF I had a loved one buried here I wouldn't want any "chief of staff" telling ME that I couldn't place flowers - a bit of colour - a token of my love - on a grave. 

Then I spotted the bright splash of yellow against the grey stones/ grey sky and I smiled.  Someone had defied authority - and not only was it a pot of mums it was in a bright orange pumpkin!! GO TEAM!  

Honestly I can be quite irreverent when it comes to the military and their rules.
BUT I have a great amount of respect for the men and women who have served - and still serve in the ranks - who protect our country - our way of life.  




  1. We should never forget and give thanks to those who lost their lives and for the heroes serving now.


  2. There were plenty of people in Ieper (Ypres) today, many remembered.

    We will remember them.



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