Saturday, November 02, 2013


I laid on the bed - completely naked - exposed.

He laid a hot cloth over my cunt.  He pressed it tight into my body.. leaving it there for a few moments.

As he removed the cloth - the skin shivered......... the cold air kissing the warm damp skin.

His hands sensually rubbed shaving cream onto the skin - his touch warming me deep inside - making me moan softly.

The razor slid smoothly over my mons - his hands pulling the skin taut - the razor sliding down between the lips. Up and down - back and forth - the razor did it's job -  his hands always touching - prying - pulling.

I lay still - almost holding my breath.

Each little dark curl was removed - slowly and methodically  until there was nothing left and I was more exposed and more vulnerable - more naked.

Intimacy is exposure - touch  and trust... caught in a moment of time.




  1. " completely naked " ??? I remember you wearing a red hoodie, is that completely naked, knot in MY dirty mind....


  2. LOL Sirrrrrrrrrrrrr - I took writer's license - just a little bit...

  3. got caught...i use that poetic license excuse too! I still remember the first time Master shaved me...
    hugs abby

  4. @abby, Do tell U/us all about it !!



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