Tuesday, November 05, 2013


I had written - early this morning - a wonderful blog (in my humble opinion) - on the need to wear pretty coloured filters when reading blogs/post or just about anything on the net (except of course for my blog!! where pretty coloured filters are never needed !!)

Then I hit the 'publish' button and in a blink of an eye - I sat and watched my whole screen highlight blue and then go poof - in a blink of an eye!!

I tried everything to rescue it.............. 

It was gone.

Now you would think - seeing as I had just written this stellar piece on "filters" I could re-write some sort of facsimile right???

Well you would be wrong.

I remembered the jist of it - but the brilliant words were gone...

I was pissed - mightily pissed.  I went and had a smoke outside in the cold cold November morning.  Nothing came back - in fact the longer I waited for inspiration to hit - the less I remembered of the original piece.

Then I realized - when I write - it is like dumping garbage.  I throw out all the words, thoughts, opinions and personal philosophies and once done they are gone ........

So............... unless I have another moment of inspiration regarding filters and the net - that particular topic seems to be closed. 

Time to go sweep up the scraps of garbage and get on with my day ...........

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