Thursday, November 14, 2013

What Fun !?!

I wish I could say it was "epic boobs" that has pinched this nerve in my neck - but it isn't.

On the weekend I decided to crawl (literally) into the crawl space and find the Christmas decorations that got stuck in there in July when I moved here.  How to describe this space ??? You can't walk in - well you can but you have to bend at the waist and kinda duck walk ........... I found the boxes all neatly stacked one on top of the other with the BIG box holding the tree in front of them.  

I dragged kicked moved the tree box off to the side.  Then I hefted and moved the boxes around - tearing the packing tape off them and peaking inside to remind myself what was there and sort of / kind of decide what I would use this year.

In no time at all my back hurt - my muscles were screaming - I wanted to stand straight so badly !!!  I got a so/so idea of what there was - jammed the boxes sort of / kind of back in place and duck walked backwards out of the crawl space keeping my head bent low to avoid smashing it on one of the beams.

The next morning I awoke to the world's worst pain.............. at the bottom of my neck that spread down one side of my spine and up again into my skull.  If I moved a certain
way I got dizzy (well more dizzy than I normally am) and nauseous - wonderful !!!  I was really feeling the Christmas spirit now !!

By Monday afternoon W put his foot down and made me call the doctor.  I went to the clinic yesterday.  I have a pinched nerve - probably pinched by a couple of discs - and probably have pinched the main artery that supplies blood to the brain.  Not serious - just take the drugs they gave me - do neck exercises 3 times a day and in two weeks or so I should (operative word being SHOULD) be better.

UGH!!!  Merry Christmas to you too !!!

Tuesday night W drove me to my photography class - for the second semester.  This class is called "Creative Photography".  I am not entirely sure if this class is for me........ le sigh.  The teacher wants us to experiment with light and movement................. the examples she showed us on Tuesday night resembled anything BUT a photograph.  I did a couple of experimental shots............. tell me what you think..............

This one is a picture of the stairs leading up to the bedrooms - believe it or not........ 

this one is a picture of the stair railing..............

and this last one is a picture of 3D flowers on the wall................

Life - yeah what fun!


  1. We have a crawl space too. I HATE it!


  2. I quite like your photos. I especially like the 3D flower & stair railing photos. Even if you aren't sure about the style of photography in general, the class may give you new things to think about when doing your style of photography.


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