Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Insane or what?

Many folks - especially vanillas - think we in the BDSM world are insane.  Literally.

But now even I am wondering what the hell is up with the BDSM community and some folks involved in it.

Oh we have all the in-fighting you might expect from a small closed community - who's best .. who knows more ... who the experts are ... who's done what ..who hasn't done what.... in-fighting ad nauseaum.

We have people bringing cameras and video cameras to events..... that's enough to send me running screaming ......... Some of us don't have the luxury of being "outed"  ...some of us run the risk of losing everything.......... job....... 

BUT I do believe we have reached a new level of insanity.  

This Saturday evening, the 4th of February - yes yes the very same Saturday I have had my eye on for 2 whole weeks -  we will have a journalist amongst us at the play party.

A journalist.

Wrap your head around that one!

OH this journalist has been told they cannot bring a camera - they can't bring a pocket recorder - just a pen and paper.  

And if you believe that one....... I have land I can sell you.............. 

A journalist at a closed private BDSM party and they won't bring a camera???!!!  Really???? oh goodie - then there's absolutely nothing to fuss over.. they promised no camera.

Honestly I believe we are doing more than embracing insanity - we are definitely feeling it up.... french kissing it and buying it a drink.

Journalists........ at a play party ............. mutter mutter mutter.


  1. You are right not to trust the media. "Enquiring" minds are always searching for the next expose. Be very wary.

  2. to be expected was it not? Look ate the gays when they became more public. I still think that the lifestyle being more accepted by tv as a way to sell shows has pushed us to a point of no return. Like the gays we either embrace the idea that everyone will know our darkest desires or we withdraw back to hankie codes and underground clubs but they never made money enough to stay open.Tehn again are the vanillas at a point that like the gays they could accept their like to spank women or has sunday morning whip practice in their back yard? SO a catch 22. So dammed if we do and dammed if we do not it is just which dam do you want?

    For me if it means that a law is pasted stating slaves are not allowed clothes in public and must be kept on a leash hmmm well you know my thoughts on that.

  3. Anonymous7:50 am

    Eeeek! Does anyone know who or what media the journalist works... writes for? What a damper on the fun.

  4. Well to make sure he/she doesn't use a camera is to make them go around totally nude ☺

  5. I am totally with you on this one....what are they thinking???

  6. Anonymous9:39 am

    i would never go to an event with a journalist there, I get upset if there is someone there with a camera or cell phone that takes pictures ect.

    This is my life, hell we own BUT I still do not want my activities broadcast to the vanilla world!

    like sunygirl very wary


  7. If non-journalists are already bringing cameras and video cameras, then why so fluffed up over a journalist?
    Not that I don't think you should be wary, but maybe there's more to it, like just the idea of a journalist?
    Who knows, maybe this journalist is interested in the lifestyle.

  8. Oh my... run, run... far far away!! It took me quite a bit to even get a blog going!! You are so right to worry...

  9. I've long been convinced you're stark bonkers - doesn't have a think to do with BDSM, though.


  10. This happened recently at a spanking party over here. The organizers allowed a reporter in, and didn't tell the attendees that they would be subject to an "outsider" in the party.

    I was appalled.

    We take pics, but they are in private rooms with the permission of everyone in the pic. Same with the parties that we host, which is invite only and tends to be only of close knit friends. Pics are with permission, and only ONE camera is allowed in use - ours.

    But a journalist......




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