Thursday, February 02, 2012

THE What...........

of yesterday's post "Insanity or What?"

I posted a comment on Saturday's event over on FL ..... all innocent like - asking if I had correctly understood the french announcement of a journalist.  (yeah yeah I can do 'innocent' very well)

I was interested to see I had a few replies to my comment.  But the one that held the most sway for me was from the organizer of Saturday's party.  In his best English he explained that this "journalist" coming to the party - was not a journalist in the true sense of the word - didn't write for a newspaper or a magazine - maybe freelance?? or maybe just an aspiring journalist - or (like happens so often in this shadow world) a wanna-be.  Maitre explained to me that in his opinion the person who had announced from the roof tops that a journalist would be there on Saturday - was simply wanting attention on himself.   Maitre also explained that he had set down rules/guidelines and they would be followed.  (IF you knew Maitre you would know that he is a man of his word)

I did some thinking yesterday.  We often go to events - some we know have policeman attending... politicians attending.... after all BDSM touches all walks of life.  Hell a couple of summers ago at Maitre's party we even had 2 policemen come in - in full uniform - to check out the party.  Maitre showed them around - and then they left.  The cops didn't even raise an eyebrow.

Maitre's parties have grown in leaps and bounds since he first started hosting them.  Now there can be well over 200 people at one of his events ....... 200 !!!  and I realized how easily it would be to "get lost in the crowd".

So W and I are going.  I am hoping we can go early - play early - and then just get lost in the huge crush of bodies.  

There is still a huge part of me that thinks we (being BDSMers) are insanely opening ourselves up to all sorts of creeps and problems........... but ...... shrug....... I also feel I can keep my "head while all around me others are losing theirs".

I miss the old days (now I do sound old - like a "Mother" or "Grandmother" bemoaning the loss of the old days I know!!)  But the truth of the matter is......... in the old days we hardliners scared the newbies - scared the wannabes .. and they stayed away from our parties.  Now they love to come and strut their stuff - wave around a fancy $300 flogger that has never seen the whiteness of an ass (not seriously) - and strut their stuff around the clubs and even private parties.  They have no manners (BDSM style or vanilla style) at all.  They act like badly behaved children at a grownup party.  

BUT the truth of the matter is........... back in the good old days (cough cough) the party organisers lost money.  Now with all these wannabes strutting around, clubs / private parties are making money and are able to keep their doors open.  And the BDSM suppliers are making money too.  Ain't no way in hell anyone of those folks are gonna say "NO" to these newbies/wannabes.

It would be nice to have loads of money and be able to open a club ONLY for the serious practitioners of BDSM but no one has that kind of money .......... the throw away kind.  So it is fit in / adapt / or stay home.

So I guess I will embrace the insanity ..... feel it up.... french kiss it - but I do think I will draw the line at buying it a drink.


  1. Sounds like my world... controlled insanity! LOL Hope you have a great time!!

    BTW... I find myself saying things that I thought I would never say... now I sound like my mom... at least she isn't as stupid as I always thought she was! LOL

  2. Anonymous1:43 pm

    Interesting blog. A would you differentiate between the 'newbies/wannabes' and serious practitioners, other than having no manners and/or behaving badly? I've looked at the Fetlife people in my area and wonder how some, so young... early 20's, can profess to be experienced Dom/Dommes? From what out on these blogs, it seems beginning BDSMers should have mentors or teachers to guide them as they gain experience. Hope I'm not stepping on toes... just curious.


  3. hmmmm...interesting post. We go to parties, but are mainly spanking enthusiasts, so the parties are spanking oriented only. I do see wannabes, but for the most part, everyone there is genuinely into what we do, and actively participate!! :)


  4. Joyce - I am giving some thought to your question..... and will probably write a blog post on it..... good question by the way !!!


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