Thursday, February 16, 2012


Last evening I read a post over on Fetlife - (yeah yeah I was over there again!!) It was an  extremely well written french piece about the public events in the Great White North.  

It was written from the Dominant's perspective.

It was one in a long list of articles on the problems of public play .......... now.

And it made me feel validated.  All the articles I have been reading (ok ok maybe they are more rant than article - but still they are all making a point) are talking about having their scenes interrupted by rude inconsiderate kinksters or fetishists, or having no room to play at all.  Of spending large quantities of money to come out and play and going home disappointed.

I have to admit it is rather nice to have the BDSM players closing ranks a little bit - speaking out - supporting each other.  Because if you remember my first posts about this same problem - I wasn't supported all that much - people made excuses - told me (and W) we had to change our style of play.

This Domme last evening said WHY should she have to change her style of play to accommodate the groups of fetishists and kinksters who come to gawk?   She pointed out to party organizers that 200 fetishists and kinksters take up a whole lot less room than 200 BDSM players.  Players need space - for their toys - for their play.  

And she's so right.  Players  don't stand around crowded together like a herd of cattle.  We do need (trying to remember what she called it..........) we need.......... real estate - dedicated real estate - to play.......... and there just isn't any any more.

The ripples have started......... and they will continue I fear ......until there is a tidal wave of discontent.  And then the real players are going to start disappearing.  I foresee it all disappearing underground again............ and then - as this Domme put it so eloquently - these fetishists and kinksters will have nothing to come out and gawk at.  

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