Monday, February 13, 2012

AWOL - edited for humour

ok so we all know what a long rough week I had.  Saturday dawned and I just sorta kinda fell apart. I moved from my bed to the sofa and slept the morning away.  I woke up long enough to make some lunch and then collapsed back on the sofa.  

I was so tired - more than tired - exhausted.... body mind and soul.  I was down... down for the count..... I'm not even sure I am ready to talk about everything that went wrong last week... mundane stuff.. but it cut me to my core.  Gossip again.. that was spread to my parents and from the parents to my principal... AND this time my principal believed it...... and all I could think was I can't protest too much.... how does one fight mean spirited gossip when it's my word against someone else's - and I am not even allowed to know who????

Then my expense account (for over 400$) was given back to me - cause one receipt was NOT itemized.......... WTF???!!!  do they honestly believe I would line my pockets???!!!  I was am so insulted, 

Add to that my lil girl who is scared "mommy's gonna go to the sky" climbing onto my lap again (cause mom is too weak to see her and her sister).......... add to that 2 six year olds kissing and fondling each other and I had to speak to the parents..... add to that long days... and I just had nothing left.

Then Saturday afternoon - late afternoon - I got up off the sofa to get a cup of coffee and nearly fell over......... The pain in my groin that shot down to my knee was so severe.. what the hell was that???!!!  I took advil - I took more advil - and the pain just got worse and worse.  A pulled groin muscle (something I have never had so have no idea what it feels like) from lying around napping all day???!!!   At that point I was looking for someone to accept my resignation from the human race.

Sunday morning the pain in the groin was worse - I could hardly get out of bed.  My head hurt.  I felt very sorry for myself and very alone.  But alone was what I wanted .... I am such lousy company when I am out of sorts - physically and emotionally.  

And being me... decided the pity party had gone on long enough - sore groin or not - the house was gonna get cleaned and the laundry done.  And that's exactly what I did.  Strange as it sounds - but cleaning house centers me - and gets me out of the doom and gloom moods that come over me every so often.

So here it is Monday again........ my house is clean clothes are clean.... and that is really all I have control over. The pain in my groin has subsided to a dull ache.   I have a new itemized receipt from the jewelry store... and my schedule for the week.  I will do my job with my head held high - because I know.. *I* know - that the gossips are wrong..... and ultimately that is all that really counts.


eldest daughter posted the following pic this morning over on Facebook - so who wants to be my best friend???


  1. Anonymous8:26 am

    Sorry to hear the week/weekend was so rough for you. Keep positive and nurse the pulled muscle...they take a bit longer to heal than you might think...

    You are doing good for the children and surely goodness will be returned to you!!

    Take care

  2. Tell the Gossips to stand up with the facts or SHUT THE FUCK UP!!


  3. Cleaning house to regain clarity and balance makes perfect sense; it's something you can see an immediate difference in and something in your control.
    The pain in your groin? Nope. No control over that and no way to make it feel better.
    The mean-spirited gossips? Nope. No control over that and no way to make it go away.
    The best way to fight mean spirited gossip?
    Just keep being the awesome and amazing person you are and just keep helping those little ones that KNOW how much you care.
    If the "adults" want to keep playing their childish games, let them. They'll see the error in their judgements.
    As i've always taught my kids ... actions speak louder than words!

  4. Ain't a helluva lot you can do about gossip. It is insidious.

    Hang in there, kiddo.

  5. I'll do better than the bat. I'll come help ya clean or make another mess to be sure you have ample stress relief. :)
    Hang in there, flowers and a good book out on a small patio are in your future.

    ps. And a groin injury?? really?? Is Sir W somehow involved in that ;)

  6. OoOoOoO ... pick me! Pick me!
    I have LOTS of bats!
    (and a couple machetes!)

    I'm always up for an old fashioned ass whupin'!

  7. Oh no!

    Lots of sympathy and hugs from me ... and perhaps even a cyber flower or two, as I'm posting this on the 14th. Don't forget those cyber flowers need water :)


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