Monday, February 20, 2012

The day after........

On Saturday I read - over on My Bottom Smarts - the weekly brunch question.  It was related to how long your spanking sessions last.

So when W told me to get my ass over the ottoman on Saturday afternoon - I took a quick glance at the was 3:01.  When all was said and done - I managed to look at the clock again...... it was 3:55.

But this blog entry isn't about how long our sessions last - or about the pros and cons of lengthy sessions versus shorter ones.

No this blog entry is about the day after.... the hours and hours of the day after. 

Sunday morning I was discussing whining complaining stating the fact that I don't mark.  Not one little mark. Yet I AM marked inside where no one can see. Every brush of material against my ass feels like a hot poker - every time my ass greets the seat of a chair it screams pain.  

After W left on Sunday I curled up on the sofa to lick my wounds (figuratively speaking)

My ass and my hips were was as though they were a living entity separate from my body.  My shoulders hurt, my arms ached, my legs throbbed - it was as though a mysterious flu bug was ravaging my body.  

But it was no flu bug - it was the after effects of 2 sessions of whips and floggers and leather straps and white pain.  And 2 mind blowing fuck sessions that had me screaming to the skies - straining my vocal cords and tearing at the lining of my throat.

There was also a serious lethargy that controlled my body and mind.  Every movement felt as though as I was wading through chest high sludge...... normal tasks took twice as long.. there was no interest in actually completing anything - doing anything.  

My body needed to heal - to curl in on itself and rest.  

This is what they don't teach you in "masochist school" ..... this is what no one talks about ......... this is the day after ............


  1. Wow you are a brave one, I don't think I would be able to last through 15 minutes of floggers let alone an hour. Kudos.

  2. Anonymous7:33 am

    Amazing...don't think I could ever endure such a spanking...


  3. We all have to pay for our pleasures unfortunately. Heal quickly there is another weekend around the corner.


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