Monday, February 27, 2012


We had a day trip planned on Saturday - run up to our Nation's Capital for a workshop on protocols and rules - attend the play party following said workshop and come home.

But the gods conspired against us.  On Friday I woke up feeling less than stellar - and then snow moved in.  On Saturday I woke up with a whooping good cold and a snow storm raging outside my window.  We opted to stay home and attend a munch instead.

Which - as it turns out - was a smart move.  The snow that was supposed to stop around mid-morning continued on through mid-afternoon.  And the cold that should have been manageable landed up knocking me flat late afternoon.  Thankfully we were close enough to home that W ran me home - I took a hot bath and went to bed. 

Yesterday I spent the day snuggled under blankets in my pjs using salt water nose spray and taking cold pills.......... all to no avail I might add.

I don't know when yesterday - but at some point I decided to check the "stats" on my blog ...... (I was bored) ........ and I was surprised to see how many people had found my blog by searching for "protocols" and " rules".  Usually the most interesting search that lands people up here is "pussy torture" ............ of all the posts I write.... of all the BDSM philosophies I rant on about - pussy torture is what brings folks here.  Perverts I tell you.. Perverts !!  (cheeky grin)

Until yesterday of course.  And it made me stop and wonder.  How coincidental that we were supposed to be going to a protocol workshop and my blog gets hit over and over and over again with searches for protocols.  

It also made me stop and think how anyone can be an expert on just about anything in this lifestyle........ hell even me.  

OOOOOOOOPs - let me explain that a bit better.  I am not saying I am an expert .... I am saying that because I write it people come and read and some will go away thinking I am some sort of expert.  Nah......... not even close.  I read a lot... I attend workshops.. W and I have tried protocols ......... and from all that I write my experience.... my opinion..... my thoughts... It certainly does not give me any major expertise on the subject.  

Mostly what I have read / learned on the net about protocols and rules boils down to one main sticking point with me.  The Dom is GOD and the s-type is mere chattel.

The opening line on a handout to the dominants from Saturday's workshop was "I am God".  I gagged.  I choked.  I bit my tongue.  I also wondered how well I would be able to behave with that sort of attitude.  GOD?? really??? aren't they setting themselves up for a mighty fall???

I was hoping that there would be some concrete - realistic views on Domination and submission.  Like what happens when the Dom can't get it up anymore so blow jobs and forced sexual intercourse isn't spontaneous anymore - more planned - like a date night?? When the economy hits and Doms lose their jobs???  What happens when the submissive's bones get old and don't bend and flex like they used to and kneeling becomes less than graceful and more like torture getting down and getting up again??  When the sub becomes the main bread winner??? When LIFE happens?!

Ahhhhhhhh it would seem that we are all still wearing rose coloured glasses.  Doms don't make mistakes ..... don't age..... and submissives are forever youthful and graceful and yielding.

I remember a coffee klutch meeting - once a long time ago - where drakor W and I discussed what happens to old Doms and subs?? Do they have an old folks home for us......... where the Doms sit on the rocking chair rocking and if a sub wants her ass spanked she lines up in front of the Dom and He holds the cane at the right height and angle and with each rock of the chair his cane would impact with her old ass. 

And that to me is as believable as Dom's being Gods and s-types being mere chattel.  Maybe one day (soon) I should write protocols for the every day BDSM couple..... write it in an authoritative manner and who knows - maybe I will land up being some guru on protocols.  

Well it would seem (I just checked some stats again) that the masses are back looking for pussy torture - le sigh.


  1. Anonymous7:59 am

    Your blog is so down to earth and realistic. As well as 'descriptive'...mental picture of caning from the rocking chair...hilarious!!

    Good questions... Everyone needs basic 'rules' or whatever of behavior and conduct to prevent chaos. I would think protocols would be personal choices between the D/s involved. And then perhaps a basic protocol of expected behavior posted and used by everyone at clubs, playroom or dungeons. Much as you described in your previous blogs. Too simple, I expect...

    As to being an authority...amazing what people will believe to be the 'gospel truth' just because they read it on the internet! So go for it, morningstar, at least you use common sense and rationality when tackling difficult subjects. No spouting the 'pie in the sky...ivory tower...fairy tale...etc...etc' philosophies for you.


  2. It could be worse - after reading this I checked to see what search terms brought people to my blog. There was only one phrase: "How to explain promiscuous past". LOL!
    Hope you're feeling better!

  3. Be thankful.
    Mine was "Sexy Bitches with Guns".


  4. Ordalie1:13 am

    Morningstar, this post is a gem, I couldn't stop laughing when reading your description of the goings-on in old folks homes!
    Thank you for making my day!

  5. Many thanks morningstar! Well written, funny - and hopefully a few people who read this will let the pedestal be pushed out from under them lol

    I will return to read more.

    your Canadian cousin, angelquest

  6. Anonymous7:02 am

    Your stuff not only made me laugh out loud but should be force fed to those who declare that God told them to beat the crap out of their wives. Or was it Paul the inventor of Christianity? Never could work it out.

    Did Jesus mention TTWD at all?


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