Friday, February 17, 2012

Stress time..

Well it is that time of year again........... TAX TIME.

I spent yesterday morning at a workshop on preparing tax receipts.  I didn't do them last year 'cause I was lounging around in a hospital bed.  So it seemed like a good idea (and time) for a refresher course.

Remember me - the one who panics at the very thought of adding 1+1???

Well this is the time of year I dread........ hate....... and stress over.  I have (starting Monday - don't ask why I have to wait till Monday - it involves more math) 8 working days to run, issue, check and distribute over 800 Income Tax receipts to the families at school.

W is always telling me that if there are problems to just dump it back in the laps of the School Board... which would be nice - but just isn't realistic.   And this year - before I can distribute the damn receipts I have to wait for the Board to submit them to the government and then wait for the government do a quick check of them, and then issue the "ok" for me to send them out.  

And being me........ I am already fussing over this new step and the time delay it will create.... 

Anyway......... all of that is my way of saying.. I may not be very prolific over the next 8 days... but I promise once I get through this (survive this) I will be back wowing you all with the silliness that is my life.


  1. HHmmm... sounds like lounging in the hospital would be more fun... you had nothing you could have worked on this year so someone else could do it again?? LOL Just kidding!!

    Good luck!

  2. Tax time.

    Where should I send the Pepto?!


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