Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just a Quickie

Ya know........ sometimes quickies are good... they just tickle the fancy and leave you wanting more...

This morning i received an email from dear swan wondering where i had disappeared to (very nice to know that i am missed when i am absent from writing for more than day or so) and it motivated me (the email that is) to post a quickie...... just so no one thinks i have disappeared completely into the great black void that is the internet........

i have a bug.... yeah another bug... Actually though, the last one (it appears) was not a bug but a gall bladder attack.. (it is amazing what blood tests reveal about you ) ....... and on top of that i had the goodbye party and a night Board meeting... and a Halloween party to plan for 100 kids.. and oh yeah.. a Halloween party tonite that Sir and i are going to... in Vermont.

The party at school involved numerous spooky games ... from "The Great Mummy wrap" ...

to the making of "Monster Hands"

to the eyeball hunt in cold spaghetti.......

And of course "Norm" was there to hand out the prizes to all the children!!

Tonite i am dressing up as O from the Story of O.. in the final scene.. with the owl mask and black cape .... (naked underneath for those of you who didn't see the movie) .... and hopefully i won't catch pneumonia from being naked in the cold...

with any luck i should have a good post to make for my Monday Morning Report :)

until then.....................



  1. Gall bladder attacks are horrible- i had mine out last year. i hope you feel better and enjoy your parties!

  2. A bad gall bladder can bitch slap you all over the place. Fortunately the surgery isn't much more than a walk in the park. I left the hospital and went to work.

  3. Oh honey, the gall bladder surgery is nothing!
    I had mine out 20 years ago and was back to work the next day! Really.

    I bet you looked gorgeous in the black cape and owl mask. :)


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