Monday, October 19, 2009

Strange weekend

What a strange weekend we had.....

First of all i came home feeling like crap mid afternoon on Friday - just a general malaise - cold shaky tired nauseous. Sir wasn't coming over anyway as eldest daughter was holding a baby shower for youngest daughter on Saturday. So i climbed into bed at 7 and slept till 8:30 the next morning. i wasn't sure i was gonna make the shower - but as the day progressed i managed to shower and dress and head over. Sir was waiting for me when i got home and we spent a quiet evening watching television... (how normal is that?? !!)

Sunday was a quiet day.. i snuggled in my big comfy chair and just vegged...


mid afternoon when Sir decided that He was gonna needle my ass.

Now i rather like needle play... it tends to relax me.. i get to lie on my tummy, close my eyes and just float along on the prick prick prick of the needles.

So.. there i was lying on my blanket.. eyes closed floating along nicely when suddenly it felt as though Sir had shoved a massive HUGE needle into my ass.. i absolutely screeched.. Sir pulled the needle out and asked if He had hit a nerve.. (i mean there is screech and then there is SCREECH) who knows what He hit ......... geez it felt as though it had gone in my ass and hit my pelvic bone...

The next couple of needles went in fine then there was another screeching needle... but by now Sir had commented on how there were some small needles mixed with the big ones...

so tell me dear readers which needle do you think was causing the horrific screeching?? small or large??

here let me show you.. help you make your choice...

ok so which one... big or small??

did you guess the small one?? no...... well it was........ oh my god they hurt !!!

Then as if all of that wasn't enough...... Sir has a bead chain thingy that He uses for sensation play when i am all needled up... running it between the needles over the needles.. alternating with His vibrating the needles with His hands... And just for the hell of it.. Sir grabbed a small hand vibrator and shoved it up against my clit making my clit vibrate while the needles vibrated..........

Finally the needles came out.. and the finishing touch.. the icing on the cake... whatever you want to call it.. Sir picked up the bead chain thingy and started to whoop my ass with it....

i thought i was a total wimp.. i screeched.. i yelped.. i wiggled.. i cried..

Just to prove i didn't totally wimp out.... here's a picture of the bead marks left on my ass..

and that was our weekend


  1. Anonymous10:32 am

    IIRC those beads can REALLY hurt! Sir has good aim :P

  2. Do you think it was a physiological "thing?" or was it simply some phenomenon of being "under the weather" and other stuff? It is one of the things that continues to amaze me after so many years... how very variable my pain perception and tolerance is.

    hugs, swan


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