Saturday, October 03, 2009

And so the year begins........

yup... you guessed it.. i have my first "bug" of the year.. a bit of a mystery bug.... weak as a kitten, small headache, small achy body, small cough, no energy.

Thankfully Sir had decided this was a "time out" weekend.. so i can curl up and die without interfering with His schedule. i HATE being sick when He has things planned - even if it is just whooping my ass.

i am pleased to report though that the furnace guy finally showed up at dinner time last night and i have heat again........ (i was so cold all day yesterday) Now i have the heat cranked up .. and am feeling warmer.

i am pleased to report that things at work - at least for now - are back on track. Miss Fussy has been nailed due to my being a bitch and sneaking back into work on Thursday night ... and catching her doing absolutely NOTHING... the Principal and i gave her a good talking to... in fact the Principal even suggested she might want to apply on a clerical job in another school. Whether she does or not.. i feel as though my authority has been restored.

Now i am gonna take my icky body downstairs and curl up on the sofa with juice and a blanket.. and the cats to keep me company.....

If i don't die from this mystery bug.. i promise to check in eventually...........

Play safe this weekend...


  1. Anonymous9:39 am

    feel better soon.
    Sir's pet

  2. Take care of yourself. All the best... swan

  3. hope your weekend was calm and the "bug" is the one getting "whupped"..xoxox


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