Monday, November 02, 2009

It was a dark and stormy night.........

And it was .. dark and stormy when Sir and i arrived at the Halloween Party on Saturday night......... AFTER a scary drive down dark rainy twisty turny country roads with tree branches swooping low over our heads... and shiny eyes watching from the dark foggy landscape.

However once we were welcomed into the warmth and light of the spook house my heart stopped pounding. Despite our hosts best efforts at turning their home into a spooky Halloween dungeon... it didn't compare to the drive up.

It is hard to find the words to describe the atmosphere.. .dinner was served from what could have been an autopsy table.. ghouls crawled along the floor.. the candles burned... the music haunted the background.. the play area was set up down 3 steps from the main level .... everyone was dressed to "kill" so to speak.

i was still suffering from what i called the Mr. Snuffleupagus bug that had taken over my body earlier in the week. i was worried about playing - as it had been a while - and rumour has it that when you are under the weather so to speak - you process the pain differently. This is a relatively new group that we are associated with, and i wanted to make Sir proud.

i watched from the sidelines for a while while the hostess was "thanked" by a few of the Dominants on the St. Andrew's Cross. Then others moved down the 3 steps into the play area.... and i watched from afar... not sure if i wanted to play.... thinking i would probably be quite content to just watch.. after all .... not everyone plays at these events...

Laughter from another part of the upper level drew my attention. One of the Dominants had His submissive up on a rather high spanking bench.. with a butt plug spikey thing sticking out.... and He was playing ring toss........ other Dominants quickly got into the spirit and joined in - either with cheers of encouragement or actually trying to ring the butt plug. It made me laugh ... and relax.

Sir soon decided we would squeeze into the play area - and with some manipulating of equipment and subbies - Sir had me mounted by my wrists and collar to a frame...... ready for a whooping. Fortunately Sir started off slow.. and the mood was right for playing.... i was doing my usual subbie jig.. or growling at Sir when a stroke hurt just a tad too much..., and i heard laughter from the "gallery" .. turning my head i saw that 4 people had gathered to watch the play......... the exhibitionist in me came out... and we were off and running so to speak.

Mistress P was working on a submissive right beside us.... Mistress P has played with me each time we have attended one of the events ... and so i wasn't surprised in the least when Sir invited Her to start taking "pot shots" at my ass. When Mistress P had finished with Her sub.. She moved right over and Sir and She took turns working on my ass/ back and breasts... i felt the entire world spinning out of focus. There was this black piece of material strung along the wall i was facing and the silver ghosts that adorned it became 3D and danced and playfully teased me while i was strung up there.....

Sir used the whip and the leather strap .. the cane.... and the sjambok and god only knows what Mistress P was using.......... all i remember was Mistress P saying at one point "are you ok?? your body has gone stiff" and i remember thinking 'please don't expect an answer'... then Sir was taking me down... and i was shivering and damn cold. Mistress P pulled me in tight against Her while Sir went to get my velvet cape to wrap around me.... and i remember burying my face in Mistress P's breasts and thinking how nice it felt to be snuggled into breasts..... sigh... that's the lesbian side of me showing!!!

i remember telling Sir my sugars were low.. (what an awful feeling!!) and He got me instant sugar in the form of coke .. and soon i was back up to the scratch and feeling snuggly and contented.

Late Saturday night when we got back to our hotel... an inspection of my ass and breasts revealed stripes and bruising........... even today my ass is a bit tender........

i give the dark and stormy night 2 thumbs up!!! and pooh pooh the idea that being sick can alter how i process pain....... i honestly think it has a whole lot more to do with the atmosphere.........

(though i will admit - the whole evening has given me a couple of topics for my blog.... cumming on command being one of them ... so here's a "heads up" .. there should be at least a couple of posts this week - my further thoughts on the evening)


  1. sounds like such a COOL party! So glad you and your Sir enjoyed it! Love the lead-up... what a blast!

  2. I look forward to reading more as this particular party sounds like it was very fun!

  3. Sounds like fun...

    hugs, swan

  4. Sounds like a wonderful time! And a velvet cape to cuddle up in after sounds wonderful!

  5. Anonymous10:36 pm

    "how nice it felt to be snuggled into breasts..... sigh... that's the lesbian side"

    Sorry, but I have trouble believing that you have to be oriented toward women to find comfort in breasts.



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