Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Mundane

During the week things are pretty mundane around here.......... work chores work sleep..... i was thinking this morning as i sat here at my trusty lil computer that i really should be cleaning the house......... BUT ya know.. i don't much feel like cleaning.. (i rarely do actually) .... i was running an inventory of work schedules and work problems and work tasks that need to be done... and then flipped to house schedules and house work and house problems that need to be dealt with... and i just thought "Calgon - take me away" (ok some of you are probably way too young to know that commercial)

But it wasn't really Calgon i was looking for.. i kinda sat and listened to my body for a bit.. and realized how much i am craving pain (and yeah yeah i know.. i could have had my fill of pain this weekend... mea culpa!!) BUT this past weekend the body rebelled at the thought of pain........... crazy i know !! and so here i sit on a Thursday morning with house work to do.. dreaming of all the nasty things that could be done to me.. done to me while i do the house work ...... done to me when i am finished the house work.. done to me.. just because....

Anyone ever notice what vivid imaginations submissives have?? i am wondering if this vivid imagination is spurred on by need/want/cravings.......... who knows??

i just know that i am sitting here looking at a dirty untidy house and having some amazing fantasies!

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