Monday, October 26, 2009

It's my party.......

i feel i really REALLY need to post a response to my Sir's blog (click here to read it).... cause i really wasn't as bad as He made me sound.. honest i wasn't..

ok first of all .. i admitted.. i stood up in front of all of you.. and admitted i am totally addicted to cafe world and farmville on face book......... ya think Sir would understand !! i am working really hard to break my addiction.. i am i am !!

And last week was a really bad week for me.. my fridge conked out... my dishwasher conked out and my pc blew up............ that is stressful.. it is it is it is !!!

Sir supervised the fixing the of the fridge and dishwasher.. and then on Saturday afternoon drove me to the local geek squad that i trust .. to take my pc in to get it fixed...

i have been using Sir's second lap top and well it is big and awkward and heavy... and i have been toying with the idea of getting a nice lil netbook for when i travel... (so i don't miss my farmville and cafe world) .. oh yeah.. and my emails.. and blogging too !!! So while we were there .. at the geek squad shop.... Sir looked at netbooks... and gave His thumbs up to my purchasing one that was on sale !!!

So home i came with a sweet lil netbook that i needed to load with all the programs and software and then of course back up... and farmville and cafe world were still clicking along merrily and needed tending in between times.... so it was a busy day on Saturday.. i couldn't help it.. things needed to be looked after ..... right???

And then.......... Sunday was my birthday.... hush.. i don't DO birthdays anymore.. well i try not to...... except my girls weren't gonna let me forget i am OLD .. old as dirt.. and neither was Sir... (and as it turns out .. neither were some of my friends who fired off email birthday cards - see me blush?? i really did just want to forget it...)

Anyway........... Sunday morning Sir had me over the dining room table right after breakfast for my birthday spanks... and He cheated!! Honest He did......... He was doing a hand spanking.. and at one point was using both hands at the same time.. which doubled the number of spanks.. i know i was counting them !!! (silly ole Sir.. cheating like that !!)

And then in the afternoon Sir wanted to play... He brought up the whip....... but i had food almost ready in cafe world to be served.. and i had crops nearly ready to harvest in farmville.. AND i had files being copied on the new netbook that were almost finished !!! ya think He'd understand !!! But Sir is Sir.. so i went over the ottoman... and the whip was used .. and the crop.. and the sticks (i don't know what else to call them) ..........
Sir used the big sparklers. .the gigantic enormous HUGE sparklers on my back and ass... His own version of birthday candles...

oh yeah.. i almost forgot to tell you....... when Sir was whipping me.. cropping me... He kept singing .. "Happy Birthday to you" ... and the whooping followed the beat of the song... trust me when i say.. there was no way i could ignore it was my birthday!!!

All in all it was a pretty spectacular birthday............ and cafe world and farm ville survived my short absences.. my ass on the other hand.... well let's just say it remembers it was my birthday !!


  1. grins...sounds like a WONDERFUL birthday to me!

  2. Anonymous9:56 am

    No that sounds like one heck of a birthday to me *grin*........

  3. Happy Birthday, it sounded like it was a good one :)


  4. Happy belated birthday! The sparklers sound divine.


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