Monday, May 25, 2009

No shit Sherlock

i don't think i realized how sick i have been these last 11 days... (and still counting to be honest)

Sir didn't come over till Saturday ....... late Saturday afternoon... and honestly i was ok with that...... which was clue #1 that i wasn't tip top....

i was curled up in sweat pants and sweat shirt and snuggled under a blanket when Sir arrived in shorts and a tshirt ......... which was clue #2 and #3 - i was dressed for winter.. Sir for summer.. and i WAS dressed

Sir tossed a small box on the table beside my chair - that missed and landed on the floor and i cried..... yes CRIED......... which was clue #4

Sir had managed to get to China Town and buy some more needles....... something i have been asking for for awhile now........ and i sat there staring at the box like it was some alien creature that had just landed in the living room.. which is clue #5

Sir suggested later in the evening that i might enjoy a few needles shoved sideways into my ass (i believe were His words) and i looked at Him like he was some alien creature that had just landed in the living room ...... which is clue #6

Sunday i did manage to shower and get dressed and Sir got me in the car and took me over to the market to purchase a hanging basket of RED flowers and some more RED flowers for the pots and some more RED flowers for the front garden and i couldn't even lift them into the car or out of the car ... and let Sir do it without an argument....... which is clue #7

Sir left Sunday mid afternoon.. after a weekend of my being curled up on the chair under layers of blankets .. and i didn't even cry when He left ...... which is clue #8

i have one more day of meds........ and then according to the doc... a couple more days of healing and by next weekend (two weeks.. TWO weeks.. after i started this flu bug) i should be feeling more like myself !!

Yup i have definitely been sicker than i imagined.......... "no shit Sherlock" !!!


  1. Ugh. I'm so sorry you weren't feeling any better this weekend. Hopefully the next couple of days with meds will make a huge difference.

  2. "No shit, Sherlock."

    Does that mean you are constipated on top of everything else?

  3. No Buff .... she has needles in her ass! ;)


    Sorry ....

  4. Sometimes, some of us need more than just one or two clues... Yes, you've been sick -- really sick, and since you keep insisting on pretending that you aren't sick, the universe keeps on sending you clues. I just hope you really do start to be "on the mend" after this round of meds.


    P.S. -- I have a terrible time getting to you here these days. About half the time, Blogger won't show me the thing that lets me in past the adult content warning. Grrrrrrr!!!


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