Thursday, May 28, 2009


i have been noticing over the weeks that people have been adding neat new widgets to their blogs......... i have "borrowed" some of their widgets .. like the map on the right side of my blog..............


i have been noticing a new one popping up more and more (mostly on vanilla sites.. ) A book shelf..... with the books they are currently reading.. want to read.. or are recommending.

i really liked the idea...... it had potential ........ i just had to figure out how to incorporate it into my blog..........

Then i was over visiting Spankedhortic's blog the other day .. and he was reviewing a book he purchased/read on the fine art of caning. And he had been disappointed by the content. i thought WOW what a great idea....... to do book reviews on our blogs - give them 2 thumbs up .. OR.. 2 thumbs down.....

So many people come to our blogs for information........ for "how to's" ........ and personally i am a little uncomfortable doing that...... cause ya know.... a lot of what Sir and i do .. falls kinda into the realm of "don't try this at home" especially for beginners. (and come on ...... let's face it .. some people are just plain stupid and will read something - go "oh that is soooooo cool" and then try it themselves with no training or forethought or anything...... just based on something they read on line !! )

So this morning i went to the site for this bookshelf widget....... figuring i would have a helluva time plunking in the BDSM books i have read... and was pleasantly surprised. Every single book i have was there to plunk on my shelf. So not such a vanilla site after all !!!

So i invite you to take a gander at my newly added "book shelf" (on the far right) check out the books i have....... and wait for it......... cause ya know over the next few weeks i am gonna have to do a personal book review of each of them..........

Right now there are only "how to " books posted.... how to do bondage.. how to be a good slave.. how to do CBT........ but over time i will also add some fictional reads that i have enjoyed...............

If you come here to be educated.. then i suggest you read read read............. the books on my shelf......... as much as my words.


  1. n this day and age where they cannot read past the first line on a profile do you think they have the ability to turn a page?

  2. I hated doing that book review, it is the first truly negative review that I have done but there where things that just needed to be said.

    I noticed Screw The Roses, Send Me The Thorns on your bookshelf. An excellent book, informative, accurate, encouraging and a great pleasure to read.

  3. Yeah, I noticed the Shelfari thing awhile ago and added it to my blog as well. I can't seem to get it to show everything, though. So far it's only showing some of the books I've read - not the ones I'm currently reading or the ones on my wish list. I'm sure there's some setting I need to fiddle with to make that work.


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