Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Uhaul relationships...

Some time back i heard a joke about lesbians..... (now please don't take offense) the joke went........

What do lesbians do on a second date??
Rent a Uhaul.

Last week - when i was home sick - with so many hours on my hands - with no energy to do much more than lounge around in the lazy boy........ i logged onto Fet Life to read some of the posts /thoughts floating around (i probably should have stuck to napping in the lazy boy !!)

There were two posts that stuck with me....... both submissive writings about how their Doms let them down (sounds like a country / western song doesn't it??)

The first one talked about how she met her Dom.. and instantly fell in love .. next thing i can figure he moved in with her.... Now things were rocky cause he was "cheating" on her with other submissives. oh wow.. surprise surprise !! Think some "getting to know you really well " time might have been a good idea??
What is it with these submissives....... fall in love at first slap .. and want to move in together............. rent a Uhaul for the second date??

Then there was the submissive who was upset cause her Dom didn't want to have sex with her. And she was horny... And she had even begged Him to have sex with her (now isn't that big self esteem booster!!) And He wouldn't .. and "oh woe's is me" !!!
The comments really got to me too... talk to him (don't they think she already had - after all He had made it very clear He wasn't gonna have sex) ...... get him to a doctor He probably had "male issues"......... yet .. if you actually read the whole posting the submissive wrote that if she slept with anyone else she was afraid he would sleep with someone else...... ahh duhhh..

Seems to me... that their shiny new Uhaul trucks took a wrong turn and landed up being not so new and shiny!!

i don't know... i am old.. i don't understand the ways of the world today.... but even when i was "looking" i believed in playing the field (as my mother used to call it) Just cause someone could spank my ass.. or give me great sex.. it didn't mean i wanted to be collared to them.. or have them move in with me ......... Hell NO !! i wanted my space.. i wanted to kiss a whole mess of frogs before i found my prince.

And i was / am OLD...... old as dirt... You'd think i would be the one in a hurry to find someone to grow older with.......... what's with these 20 somethings who are in such a hurry to find THE ONE?? It is hard enough to find the right one in a vanilla relationship........never mind in a BDSM one... more variables dontcha know. How can you tell in a week or two or three that this is THE ONE?? dontcha think you need to work out some details.. like if this is to be a monogamous relationship or poly?? If all this spanking and kinky stuff is gonna be foreplay for some great sex..... or just that.. spanking and kinky stuff.

i can't help but wonder if all these eager shiny new subbies are just rushing towards the brass ring.......... looking for the end of the race instead of enjoying the journey to IT.

Oh yeah...... and even though i use 20 year olds as an example... there are a whole mess of 40 somethings that act as silly and as irresponsible as the 20 year olds......
Why aren't they capable of enjoying their own company .. while they journey down the path that will bring them (hopefully) to the love of their life who will meet all their expectations??

Just some musings from an old subbie who has been around the block more than a couple of times......... kissed a mess of frogs.. and found her Prince.


  1. To want some thing so badly as to cloud judgement then once you find a taste you over endulge then get a tummy acke hmmm sound human alright. As for no sex is it not the right of the Dom to dictate when and if? Or is it up to the sub to to tell their Dom it is time for the blue one Master!

  2. I am SO in agreement with EVERY word here - I would add, what really really pisses me off and makes me angry is when they meet someone and decide to move in - with KIDS -

    I have seen so many like that! You're bringing your children into a situation you haven't explored thoroughly, wherein there are lots of unknowns, no insight yet into personalities or desires - and you're putting them at RISK becuase you are convinced after 30 seconds of interaction that it is the "one" - (did I mention I HATE that word "One" - talk about FANTASYland!)

  3. I think you hit the nail on the head - they are rushing towards the brass ring and can't be bothered to look beyond that.

  4. Great post!

    You had me nodding my head thru the whole thing.

    Which, um... made me look like a bobble-head doll but that's ok. :)

  5. I think that this behavior stems from a bias, often unacknowledged, that has these dummies behaving as if they are buying Tupperware rather than making a LIFE choice. It is about not valuing or understanding the depth of the commitment being entered into. Imagine one of these starry eyed ding-a-lings having one or two online conversations and then rushing right off to "tie the marriage knot..." What!?!?! No white dress? No bridesmaids? No shower? No engraved invitations and fancy cake? No expensive floral extravaganza? Horrors! No. Of course, these dollies insist on the wedding thing with all the fanfare and frills -- a year or two long ordeal for everyone concerned. BUT, they jump into a D/s relationship before they've exchanged middle names. Idiots!



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