Friday, May 15, 2009


As if i didn't have enough on my plate.............. last night i developed a massive sore throat.. coughing .. aching bones (but is it from the fall - who knows??) and a low grade fever.

Our school board has been very clear - anyone developing symptoms that look like the H1N1 flu (better known as the swine flu) is to stay home....... truthfully i couldn't go in today even if they didn't pass the rule........

So this morning - at the crack of dawn - after another night of no sleep - i called Info Santé - our community health offices. They told me - after hearing i work in a school - that i am to remain home for 3 days and chart my symptoms.... IF the fever gets worse - i am to call the local clinic and go in immediately - IF i start to throw up - i am to call the local clinic and go in immediately - IF i develop breathing problems - i am to call the local clinic and go in immediately.

i am to stay in the house away from children/babies and old people (no Sir this weekend!!) for 3 days. i am to stay away from crowds.

Now i ask you.......... if my symptoms increase to the point of needing to go to a clinic.. i am supposed to drive myself???? - cause public transport is not allowed...

Joy oh Joy.........

Happy long weekend !!!


  1. i hope you start feeling better real soon..

  2. Transport to clinic - call daughter who lives down the street and she will make sure it happens.

    Feel better :)

  3. I hope as the day progresses you feel better and don't need the services of your clinic.

    The ironic thing is swan awakened this morning with what sound like very similar symptoms. You two are simply too aligned.

    Feel better soon.

    All the best,


    Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined.

  4. I hope you feel better soon.

  5. Oh my! I am feeling yucky, but mine is very clearly a spring cold and not very "fluish" at all. I do hope that by the time this gets to you, that you will have turned the corner and started to feel better.

    And by the way, the household giggle here is that everytime I see that H1N1 moniker for this bug, it looks for all the world like "Hiney" to me. So we've taken to referring to this stuff as the Hiney Flu.

    Hugs, swan

  6. Hope you feel better quick!


  7. Hope it's just a normal dose of the lurgies. Get well soon.


  8. Sorry to hear that you are ill. Get well soon and if it is the swine that came a calling does that mean pork roasts are off the menu


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