Wednesday, May 06, 2009


just plain cranky!

And i have no idea why..... but god i HATE cranky

i did realize that the internet is a blessing when one has a big dose of the "cranks".. because when i talk to Sir via chat... even with the camera on.. i can mask the crankiness. BUT last night Sir was going out for the evening.. and He called me to check up on me... and how the day went. i couldn't keep the crankiness out of my voice........(shame on me)

i am overwhelmed...... i honestly am. Things at work are frantic - 40 days till the end of the year..... and all the usual crap to get done before July 1st. i put in 8+ hours at school and then come home to work here... paperwork for my PreK group (which is a GO for next year!!) .... the house to clean.. the laundry to do.. and windows that need washing... and gardens that need digging.... and there just aren't enough hours in the day........ and i can feel the panic settling in.

It's funny - when i used to get the "cranks" i knew if i had a good long session of spanking and flogging and fairies... the "cranks" would improve. This time i can't even think about it........ Sir even granted me an orgasm last night.. and i barely managed it. The body just wasn't willing..... and the mind sure as hell wasn't able.

i got the "cranks"

Sooooooo if i miss a day or two around here.. it doesn't mean much....... just me struggling to keep my head above water............


  1. Poor little cranky thing. Stick that lower lip out and stomp around the room.

  2. :-(

    Owner of cranky

  3. as long as yo can blow bubbles you know you have the air to survirve. Well so I have been told.

  4. It must be in the air ...
    *stomps foot*

  5. Yeah. What Scarlet said... Crankiness everywhere!

    hugs, swan

  6. nods..yup, know that .. that end of school thing - and you have more on your plate even thatn the regular coming up to the end of the year thingies ...D. just found out they are moving buildings in two weeks AND the Department of Education in conducting an audit the same time... Do the CRANKY PANTS DANCE...


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