Sunday, December 17, 2006

Holiday music.

There was the glorious music of the Holiday Pops on PBS last evening........ sitting by the lit Christmas tree listening to the wonderful music with Sir by my side......... "YES" i thought "Christmas is coming! despite the spring temperatures and the green grass and my garden thinking it is time to sprout"......... the music played on.. the mood mellowed .........

And then...... oh THEN.. they announced the announce i was most dreading.. Jose Feliciano was coming up next............ and i mentioned in passing .. very innocently indeed.. that Feliz Navidad was my most hated song.

Sir got that look.. that most evil of Grinchy looks .. and He reached for the quirt.. the most dreaded of toys.. and Sir promised me strongly that i wouldn't be bored. The second that Jose appeared on the screen, my position was clear.. my ass in the air. Sir kept a good beat to each song that he sang, and i whimpered and cried and wiggled about. Never .. no never.. did i ever remember .. Feliz Navidad being quite so long. It ended with Santa wishing "Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night".

And i believed it was over.. my ass safe once again..

Till this morning.. when on CBS Sunday Morning.. did they announce that Jose Feliciano would soon be there.... my brain scrambled faster than the eggs i was making.. i squirmed and i wiggled and imagined the quirt..... i begged to be allowed to come up to the office.. but permission denied Sir needed me there... The quirt in hand .. He smiled quite nicely.. and on the first note of Feliz Navidad.. my ass was presented once more for a beating...........

The count down is 7 more days of festivities........ i can only hope that Jose is done for this year....... and that Sir is content to sit and listen not practice His beat!


  1. Jose does it sting?

  2. what a nice song did Sir tape the session perhaps it could be a bdsm xmas cd in the making. Hey do you like little drummer boy? Or I saw three ships come sailing in.

    If he needs the music for any of the songs of Christmas not to worry I think I have them all.

  3. i fear that my original comment got lost. i just wanted to say that you are quite blessed to have such an attentive and caring Sir. i enjoy reading you a great deal, as i always learn something new....even about me!

    Happy holidays to you and yours.


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