Friday, December 15, 2006

World Peace

We all talk about how wonderful it would be to have peace in our own time.. i am one of the first to say it!! And Christmas certainly seems to be the one time of year when everyone is willing to at least THINK about world peace.

So .. being that i am a very civic minded subbie..
being that i am a very committed subbie to world peace..

i bring you a very important website... a site working towards World Peace.........
honestly folks .. honestly .. visit the site..... give it a try....... who knows?? everything else has been tried.. from white doves to the United Nations.........

Maybe just maybe we can have peace in our own time..........


  1. Sort of a piece for peace thing, ey?

  2. Anonymous11:05 pm

    December 22 it is! I'll be sure to mentally mark one of them, "For World Peace!"
    Thanx littleone! lol


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