Friday, December 22, 2006


i love quiet........ when i am home alone i seldom if ever have the radio or television on..... the silence soothes my soul..... and yet i pick - probably one of the noisiest jobs there is .. primary education.

i like (actually it is probably more a compulsion) having order and structure and routine in my life.

there are times that i get as excited as a child.. as i did as a child - and can't sleep - but most of the time i sleep better than any baby i know...... needing and getting 8 hours.

i have an irrational fear of the dark - closing all the blinds in the house at dusk and turning on the lights.

to the outside world i am a VERY strong - capable - 'in charge' type of woman
inside i am a little girl who doesn't feel the least bit strong or capable or in charge

i hate verbal disagreements

i hate raised voices.

i hate to fail - and yeah sometimes will avoid something if i think i may fail at it.

i love Christmas

i love walking in the snow late on Christmas Eve when all around me it is quiet and bright with snow and lights.

i love my kids - someone once asked me how many kids i have and i answered 90 .. oooooooops they meant my own flesh and blood.......

i hate to see any child suffering.

i love / need / cherish my Sir - He brings order and structure and routine to my life.

i love that Sir feeds my endophin habit

i love that He listens to me and hears me

i love that He values me

i have a passion for words

i have a passion for mystery books

It is 3 in the morning and the excited child inside of me woke up - it is the last day of school (thank goodness!! i am not entirely sure i could have made it through many more days) the house is still - even the cats still sleep - and i decided to weave a few more threads of who i am into the blogs i write........ not the 101 list of things.... just added a few more threads to the tapestry of my life...........

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