Wednesday, December 20, 2006

On being a mom

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i wear many hats in this life........ one of them is the "Parent" hat. It hasn't been an easy job being a parent.. i don't think anyone who has been a parent would argue that fact with me. Kids just don't come with "how to" manuals. But somehow the kids and i managed to survive all the different stages.. the baby stage.. the mumps measles and chicken pox stage.. the teen years - oh they were a joy !! and the "all grown up I can do it on my own" stage...... and other than the occasional "HELP/SOS" call to both sets of grandparents.. i basically managed to drag these girls of mine up.. (oh yeah.. with the help of their father - i almost forgot him.. cheeky grin)

i never asked how one puts a child to bed at a decent hour...... i never needed instructions on how to teach them morals and respect and trust and honour and all those good things.... i just muddled ahead.. not always right.. hell i made mistakes .. lots of them.. but my girls were raised with MY moral expectations .. not some stranger's. i raised them with love.. lots of love .. and yeah some times it was tough love...... BUT they always knew that when push came to shove....Mom would be there.. to pick them up and brush them off.. or stand shoulder to shoulder with them.

i may not have always gotten it right...... but i can say - with great pride - i have two wonderful daughters who have grown into responsible beautiful women... AND that dear readers, is a job... i AM truly proud of !!!!!!


  1. as well you should be. it is quite a job and anyone that has done it has reason to be proud as a peacock.


  2. And even those who haven't can be proud of their own wonderful mothers!


  3. /sniffs
    This made my day.


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