Monday, December 25, 2006


We celebrated Christmas with the family on the 24th. We have for years. The 25th is "our" day - Sir's and mine. It usually starts out with my giving Sir at least one kinky Christmas gift.

This year was no different - but i had fun making Sir a "Kink" gift pack. Kink is a TV show we generally watch on Friday evenings. This past season Sir has seen some toys that made Him sit up and go "oh yeahhhhhhhhhhh". One was a dart gun - and the Dom was seen using it to "spear" her submissives. The other was shrink wrap - or industrial size saran wrap for mumification. i bought Him the shrink wrap... i even found a dart gun - for kids !!! and put a little note on it .. "practice first". Then i made Him a paddle..... a paddle with furniture tacks through it..... a paddle that even as i wrapped it - i wondered how absolutely crazy i was!!!

Sir had a good giggle over the dart gun...... smirked at the shrink wrap .. and got that evil Dom look over the paddle. The funny part about the shrink wrap - before i go any further - is that Sir had gone out and bought ME an industrial size roll as well - so now He can shrink wrap the entire house and still have some left over !!!

This morning Sir mummified me.. god how i had forgotten the claustrophobic effect it has on me!! Then after a lunch of turkey sandwiches - Sir had me bend over the dining room table and He used my ass for target practice with the dart gun. He is already in the planning process - to modify the darts to hold needles. i only meant it as a joke for heaven's sakes !!!

Then Sir decided to see how much i would enjoy the new paddle. A part of me really believed it would be like the tack bra........ all scare and no bite. Sir hit me with a couple of good swats .. and i yelped. My ass kinda prickled and stung. Then He hit me a couple more good swats and the yelping was a bit louder. (and i am thinking - this ding dang paddle had better be leaving more marks than the tack bra ever did - otherwise i will really feel like a wimp!!) Sir stopped and said - with a hint of astonishment in His voice - "your ass is bleeding!" Well trust me.. there was no way i was gonna let the paddling continue without a few good pictures !!!! Sir also discovered the paddle scratched my ass quite nicely too !! And i discovered the whole procedure - scratching and pricking and swatting - hurt quite nicely too !!!!

What a glorious success the Kink gift package turned out to be............
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  1. My My well that was a good gift I think

  2. Anonymous2:19 pm

    You *must* tell me how you made it. :D


  3. Welcome to the "paddling makes my ass bleed" club ;-)

    ... and Merry Christmas!

    hugs, swan


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