Sunday, December 03, 2006

boring update......

Sir had a bad cold this weekend........ but He tried His damndest to be with me.. to be Sir.... but the truth of the matter was.. He was sick. After a wasted trip out to the Island for the Craft Fair (wasted because they lost their power during the ice storm Friday night and still hadn't gotten it back, so it was cancelled and no one thought to publicize
it's cancellation) Sir decided the best place for Him was home in His own bed....... so i was left to my own devices for the day.........

i did take advantage of the time and did some Christmas baking (more to be done today) and wrapped up gifts .. and more gifts and more gifts......... didn't i say we were gonna cut back this year???!!

And then of course my damn printer decided to act up .. right in the middle of printing up a homemade gift for family.......... turns out someone (probably the spiteful cats) had managed to unplug the cable from both the printer and the tower!! AND then in my brilliant wisdom.. when i had the desk pulled back.. i decided to clean all the dust bunnies off the wires .. off the tower.. off the cables.. and then guess what ??!! the pc didn't work when it was time to talk with Sir at 8:00 p.m. Remember my cranky attitude ?? it got worse....... but with much unplugging and plugging back in .. and finally a good kick to the tower.. i had lift off!!

(now i do have to add.. that all of this was done in ankle cuffs chained together to keep my steps small and dainty.. my wrists were cuffed as well. Trust me when i say that the above list was done much slower than usual because of these cuffs.... going up and down stairs was a challenge not to trip over the chains.. the baking was more of a challenge to keep the batter and subsequent hand washing away from the lovely leather. BUT it also kept me focused on who and what i am.......... i am not a vanilla housewife ... i am a submissive.. serving only Sir's wishes. OH yeah .. and the smoking issue....... Sir told me early in the morning to go back to the old rule about smoking.. outside but with clothes on!! We will be discussing this smoking issue when He is feeling better.)

That was my Saturday............ and my Sunday is shaping up pretty much along the same lines.. more baking.. more wrapping.. washing and ironing....... all by my lonesome. There will be no ropes in red and green (to celebrate the start of the holiday season) .. no floggers or whips to make my ass red..... no orgasms .. just pretty much vanilla STUFF to get done.. with Sir at home in bed........ and me over here......

(seeing as i had nothing note worthy to write about i thought i might add some Christmas pics to the Photojournal - see the link at the right)


  1. I am still dying from the cold, but I wanted to clear one point up in this blog...

    I told littleone to go back to the old rules, but I guess she thought it only meant the smoking, it really meant ALL OLD rules, I am sure it was My mistake on this point...

    Owner of morningstar

    Now it is back to My cold :-((

  2. I just came in from my first smoke of the day. It is - 27 in Manitoba and...damn! Fucking brutal! These Canucks around here are a lot hardier than I ever want to be.

    Warren - speedy recovery. I'd damn near rather have the flu than a bad cold. I cowboy up when I have the flu. With a cold I am just a whimpering little bitch. Hate them!

  3. Buffalo:

    i am sitting here laughing my ass off.. literally..... somehow i can not see You as a whimpering little bitch...... but then.. well maybe i can...... which is why i am laughing so hard..

    bloody cold here too today...

    anyway...back to my Christmasy crafty stuff... (Sir calls it my "arty farty" stuff)

  4. Anonymous10:08 pm

    I'm glad you got a reprise on the smoking rule, otherwise you'd prolly be sick just as your Owner gets well. You'd both miss out!
    BTW, the old remedy of homemade chicken soup does wonders for colds, you while your in home=alone mode, it might be a great time for some old fashion tlc. (just a thought)
    Happy artsy-farting!


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