Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy Birthday to my Sir..

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Today is Sir's birthday........ and i am rushing around trying very hard to make it a special day for Him. If anyone deserves a special day Sir does.

It irks me a little bit....... Sir never forgets anyone's birthday.. oh He may just remember it with an e-Birthday card.. He may just make a quick phone call.. He may come bearing gifts.. but He never ever forgets anyone's birthday! And in the 5 years i have been with Him i am shocked to learn how many people forget His birthday. Yeah yeah.. i have heard the excuses it is too close to Christmas .. it is a busy time of the year.. etc etc.. (apparently even His parents had that attitude from what little He has said about it) and it makes me sad.

So .. every year i try very hard to make the 28th of December a special day for Him.. a day to celebrate HIM. This year is no different........ i won't/can't say what the gift is.. perhaps Sir will post about it .. but i can tell you i am making Him a special birthday supper and have invited a couple of His dearest (vanilla) friends over (so no there won't be any birthday spanks.. not tonight anyway)

In honour of the Grinch He claims to be...... i am making roast beast.... and yorkshire pudding.. and parisien potatoes and veggies and wine and a fancy dessert ...... and if i don't get off this computer and get cracking.. the house won't be cleaned and the dinner won't be cooked........

BUT i had to stop for a couple of minutes and announce to the world.............


  1. At least I am familiar with roast beast and wine - I think.

  2. BUFFALO!!?? you have never had yorkshire pudding??? or parisien potaotes??

    well you get your you know what east of Manitoba and i will make you and Kat a dinner you won't soon forget.. LOL.. but then knowing you.. you probably won't remember what it is you ate!!

  3. Well then, please give Him all of our very best good wishes... may there be many, many more birthdays and much joy.

    swan and clan

  4. Anonymous9:13 pm

    please wish your Sir a very very Happy B-day from me .... love and kisses


  5. Please wish your Sir a very happy birthday! Sounds like you have a wonderful night planned! you are special!!


  6. Thank you to all for the birthday wishes....

    Owner of morningstar


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