Tuesday, December 12, 2006

About time

i don't know about anyone else....... but honestly i think it is about time to get back to "normal" around The Journey........ and talk about BDSM stuff...

It has been (let me count) almost 3 weeks since i have felt the joy of a flogger or the whip.. or the clamps....... i was thinking about that coming home in the car today.... and i realised i am ambivalent about it..... usually by now i would be climbing the walls... craving the endophin rush.. craving the pain and pleasure.. but i am ambivalent !!! What is THAT about??? me the notorious masochist not craving pain????!!! i wonder if i should be worried....... i know i am a bit nervous.... what if Sir isn't well enough to give me pain - will i be cranky.. snarky and hard to live with or will i breath a huge sigh of relief???

AND worse than that...... i am not horny......... now that is a RED letter day...... me not horny!! what is wrong with me???!! can it be fixed??
Somehow i think it is going to take more than a bandaid to fix this problem........ more than a whole box of bandaids!! It is Tuesday.........3 more days till i see my Sir ...... how do i get fixed in 3 days so that i am at my subbie best when He arrives??

i wonder if daily ''tasks" like so many other subs/slaves have would keep me in the right mind set?? Sometimes Sir sends me little tasks to do when He has to work in the evenings.. but He is a kind and loving Sir.. a GOS (good old Sir) as we love to call Him and He fusses over my being tired.. over my stress levels.. over a multitude of things about me.. and of course He decides what is best for me.. BUT is being left to my own devices/schemes and plans just leading me down the garden path - so to speak. Is all this freedom making me lazy as a sub.. lazy as a masochist... just plain lazy???

i guess only time will tell............


  1. Anonymous9:21 pm

    Thank you ... at least i know i am not alone ...

  2. Anonymous12:43 am

    Tasks do tend to help keep the mindset. Maybe that's something to discuss with your Sir. And 3 days, might give you some time to reflect on possible ideas for said *possible* tasks?
    And just what pandora's box you might be opening!

  3. you know my view on tasks, rules and protocols they are a good things. Th emost important task is that she is healthy in body , mind and soul. Only when this tasks is done to my level of satisfaction will I give other tasks and playing with her.

    This one task of health I also have as my personel rule.


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