Wednesday, December 13, 2006

These are a few of my favourite things.........

Sir is working tonight but we spoke briefly this afternoon when i got home from school. In the middle of the conversation.. somewhere between plans for a baptism and my problem kids at school....Sir said "At 7:30 this evening you will take your favourite vibrator and play with yourself. you are to almost cum 3 times then you may cum. Once you have cum you will text message me."
i blinked.. and had to refocus my thinking.......

i have more than one vibrator...... i used to collect them..... i had one to fit each of my moods.. now i have a favourite... i am sure it has some fancy dancy sales pitch name.. but for me it is just known as my favourite! oh right .. you can't tell from the above picture .. my favourite vibrator is this one:

There is something wonderful about a replica penis that vibrates.. swivels.. and has something to keep the clit amused all at the same time! Now i ask you .. what penis can do all that???

Anyway.......... getting back to the task at hand..... at 7:30 i had the vibrator.. turned it on.. and just let it kinda rest against me while i closed my eyes and let the sensations relax my body and mind....i was surprised to find it didn't take all that long for me to get wet and want much more of the vibrator... it slid easily into me...... i turned it on to high (yeah it has varying speeds for both the vibrator and the swiveling) and just let my body respond...... a minute or two later i was turning it off quickly and yanking it out..i took some deep slow breathes to get my orgasm under control..... after all i had to nearly cum 3 times before i was allowed to cum.

Some of you might ask......... how would her Sir know?? what does it matter?? Sir would know i "cheated" because i would tell Him... it is all about the trust factor we have .. and the respect i have for following His rules. So yeah i stopped when i didn't want to.... and yeah i had to rest a bit .. and slow my breathing down..

i slid the vibrator back in and turned it back on.. on high .. and wow it felt so good!! i just closed my eyes and enjoyed the heat that was building in my lower belly.. and spreading outwards - almost like hot flashes but ohhhhhh so much nicer !! i adore pulling my clit jewelry up out of the way .. and kinda pushing my naked clit into the vibrating head of the clit stimulator.. it drives me absolutely crazy.... and of course i could feel my orgasm coming.. and of course i had to stop........ stopping gets harder each time.. my instincts tell me to keep going.. my muscles pull hard on the vibrator trying to keep it in me .. but the stronger side of my brain pervails and i stop and breath.. and silently curse as well as thank Sir for giving me this...........

On the 3rd and final insertion things were more difficult.. for some reason i had kinda lost interest.. as though my body didn't like the game i had been playing with it.. and had shut down...... i nearly cursed.. i searched my body and mind for the connection... for the feeling i had just had not 2 minutes ago...... i couldn't find it.. i switched positions.. i switched speeds.. i slowed down.. i sped up.. nothing.. absolutely nothing... then i wanted lubricant.. Sir bought me KY heating jelly a while back and i love it.... i opened the night table drawer and pulled it out... flipped the top open one handed and dribbled a little bit of the jelly onto my clit.. and thoroughly enjoyed the extra heat building on my clit.. and how gooey it felt (this is weird for me.. as i have this thing about feeling gooey ) but still it wasn't quite enough.......... i figured seeing as i had the KY out.. i might as well go all the way..... i pulled the vibrator out and dribbled a liberal amount down the head of it...... and slid it back in.... turned the power up full and between the vibrations and my moving it in and out quickly .. the heat became almost a burning sensation.

i closed my eyes and imagined Sir standing in the doorway watching me... i squirmed uncomfortably .. i do hate Him watching me masturbate.. and yet it is also a major turn on for me... between the heat inside of me.. and the thought of Sir i quickly found those feelings again......... the tighening of my muscles.. and very quickly the orgasm i sought was mine !! i lay there exhausted.. as though i had just gone 10 rounds.....

i text messaged Sir.... "task completed.. thank You Sir" and soon after i received a message back "you're welcome" and now i know one part of me still works......

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  1. Anonymous4:08 pm

    I would love to have to do that even without cumming at all... but no... it wont probably happens ever... ;-(


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