Saturday, December 16, 2006


Sir was here when i arrived home from work........ and i faced a challenge... getting myself into subbie mode .. quickly and efficiently..... It has been almost 3 weeks since we were together..... and as i said earlier this week.. for those 3 weeks i have been fancy free and foot loose.

BUT oh my it was wonderful to see Him.. even the first punishment spanks - even if i did cry through them - felt like heaven...... Sir was back.. all was right with the world once more.

The challenge really came last evening..... we were watching TV and Sir decided to "play" one of His favourite games.. (i call it boring commercials) Every time a commercial would come on, i was expected to roll over on my stomach (i always sit on the floor at Sir's feet) and present my ass. Sir had selected the small purple plastic flogger for the evening's games..

there is something about the purple plastic floggers. (we have a small one and a large one) that defies description....... it stings .. it cuts.. it burns.. it is one BIG ouch!!! It isn't too bad if Sir has warmed me up nicely and used a multitude of other toys on my ass before reaching for the "purple people eater" .. but last night was just a lesson in enduring.

He started the "game" around 9:00 i guess - we were watching Nikita.... and continued right through till i begged permission to go to bed - around 11:00 .......... the challenge to the game is .... i get 5 - 6 minutes of flogging then it stops for 10 minutes or so and then 5 - 6 minutes of flogging again.. and so on and so on. Last evening i prayed for extensions to the show.. my ass burned like the dickens right up until the next commercial. i kept thinking ... ok ok.. i won't fly .. i won't cum .. but maybe .. just maybe ?? i will have some marks in the morning. (this particular flogger has been known to leave tiny red pin point spots all over my ass ) but there was nothing............

After almost 3 weeks of fancy free fun loving freedom. .Sir has tightened the leash a bit.. i am punished / corrected quickly when i forget to ask for permission for things.. when i talk back.. and it is a wonderful challenge.. i am owned.. i am cared for.. i am loved........

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  1. Morningstar, I wonder if you have ever tried...ah, never mind.


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