Saturday, December 02, 2006

cranky sub.

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Well the new rules arrived yesterday.......... and i am still working on my reaction to them.... they are not amusing.. or fun.. and i guess a small part of me was really hoping for some fun. (ok i never claimed to be too bright!! rules and protocols are not supposed to be fun)

These rules have made me feel cranky ...... well to be honest i was cranky before the weekend started.. before the new rules arrived... this week at school was awful... kids bouncing off the walls.. kicking biting cursing kids.. egos with staff were at all time high.. which always leads to cranky moods on everyone's part.... and now i sit staring at a list of rules............

i wanted these rules right?? remind me of this fact....... i wasn't happy to leave well enough alone right?? so why do i feel so damn cranky and rebellious??

i am to be chained and cuffed at all times when i am in the house.. i am to wear my collar at all times (which i do) .. i am to text message when i leave the condo and when i return (which i do).. i am to always ask permission to buy something out of the ordinary (which i do most of the time now)... i am to exercise every day (which i don't do) i have a cleaning schedule (which i never had before) and on and on it goes.........

the deal breaker is the rule about my smoking....... and yes i smoke.. and no i don't need any more lectures about it! i am not allowed to smoke in the house....... and i am to strip naked and smoke outside. That is the big stumbling block i have...... i can accept everything else.... i will abide by everything else............ the smoking rule is gonna kill me.......... i have neighbours.. i have children neighbours.. we have winter and minus degree weather........

i am cranky......... it is gonna be a long weekend.......


  1. What was that line in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" rules, in a knife fight" ah well we do get what we ask for in a round about way. So when is th enext smoke break I will be over with my camera. Do have fun or at least try.

  2. Absolutely no disrespect intended - going outside to smoke sucks. Going outside in the nude?

    I surely do hope it is warmer over there than it is here.

  3. Cloud..... yeah i know.. be careful for what you wish... but in hindsight i didn't exactly ASK for new rules.. i wanted more strictness.. more floggings.. i wanted to be used more.. as for rules?? the thought excited me.. now?? well Sir says we will talk......

    Buffalo: no disrespect taken... first off You should know Sir is an X-smoker (aren't they the worst??) and i do TRY to smoke outstide most of the time when He is with me... as for this nudey bit.. i KNOW He was hoping i would cave in and NOT smoke.. but i am one stubborn "bitch" so i went outside last night (yes naked) in freezing rain.. slipped and slid on the frozen patio..and had 2 puffs.. every time i felt the need..... sighhhhhh.. today Sir says we will discuss the rules.. and for now go back to the original rules...

  4. Ooooh, stripping naked to smoke outside. That's tough. i'd probably quit. Well, for a few hours anyway. Good thing you live in a warmer climate!

    PS- i've been ordered to quit. He gets me going again whenever we're together, then it's cold turkey. it is HARD... HARD... HARD... i'd rather strip and smoke outside sometimes... and i live in a colder climate! LOL

    hope the crankiness passes!

  5. Anonymous8:16 pm

    i thought the stripping nakes rule was funny until i read about neighbor kiddoes. It isnt SSC. Please remind him of the kiddoes and i am sure he would reconsider.

  6. Hmmm. May I recommend Skoal Bandits? You don't derive the tactile satisfaction you get from smoking, but it satisfies the craving. Tastes pretty good too.

    A 'baccy chewin' schoolmarm sub...I know there is at least a novella in that.

    Ex smokers and born again, right wing, conservative christians....don't know which is worse.

  7. Anonymous8:49 pm

    Woah is all I can say to that...I would be cranky also.

  8. hisfucktoy.. i am not sure where abouts you are located.. but unless you are NORTH of Quebec i do believe it may be a bit colder here... or at the very least the same....

    Anonymous i don't have to remind Sir of the SSC... His answer is "then don't smoke". pointe finale ..

    Buffalo..... trust me when i say i will stop smoking if ever made to chew tobacco.... that i can not wrap my mind around.. yuck!!!! as for the born again christians versus X-smokers.. they are one in the same dontcha think??

    and minionette.. thank you for your support!! as it turned out.. Sir went home sick .. and left the rules as "to be discussed when I am feeling better"...

  9. It looks like you'll be smoking only late at night.


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