Sunday, July 31, 2005

A Gift of Time...

Friday.. July 29th.. was the anniversary of my collaring. Sir gave me this watch - a gift of time. It is a bit difficult to see.. but on the watch strap is a charm of the BDSM symbol.. and on each side of the watch face there are handcuff charms. A gift of time.

A gift of time....... i can not help thinking that there is no more perfect gift than one's time. Be it stolen minutes in a busy world, to a lifelong commitment to each other. Time IS the most precious gift........

i think what touched me the most.. not just with this anniversary gift...BUT with all the gifts Sir gives me... is the thought and creativity SIr puts into them. Each gift is a little bit of Himself. And that makes the gift so much more special no??

i must admit i wanted to say so much more .. about anniversaries .. about my Sir.. about D/s life....... but perhaps it is because my heart is just too full ..... the words will not flow like they usually do........ and so i will quietly slip away for now.. a bit like the geisha i gave to Sir in honour of this anniversary.. slip quietly away until the heart is quiet and the mind focused..........



  1. Time
    some times too much
    sometimes too little

    I hope for your sir and you it will be just right

  2. Anonymous2:08 pm

    Happy Anniversary to both of Y/you!

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