Tuesday, August 02, 2005

on hats and wanton women

i love hats! i really do.. if i could i would have a wall of hats in my room to choose from...

especially BIG floppy hats that tie under one's chin to keep them from blowing away!!!

or whimsical flowery hats to frame my face.....

or a jaunty little hat tilted at just the right angle to catch one's eye

but i am doomed to wear smooshy hats that i jam on my head to keep the sun off...

It is another one of "god's little jokes" ......... i look awful in hats! they never fit just right and usually one of my ears sticks out, and my hair!! well it will always find a way of scrunching up and poking out here or there... yup definitely one of god's little jokes..........

Hats remind me of a time when women were "Ladies" with a capital "L" ... prim and proper .. white gloves and hats... my mother used to wear a hat all the time... and gloves. Her shoes and her purses always matched... a "Lady"............

there is something about the Lady image... to look like a Lady .. but at home behind close doors....... to be a wanton woman. i think i may just have the wanton woman down pat.. with my Sir that is!!! i love nothing better than to hear the words "service Me"... makes me downright hot !!! i love nothing better than to hear the words "strip" and i race the clock to see how fast i CAN strip for my Sir.

My Sir has taught me (it was a hard lesson to learn) that i am beautiful in His eyes. To my Sir.. i am His "lady" at all times.. in the house and outside the house.. with or without a hat !!!


  1. I can only hope you find a hat for around the campsite so at least your head will be the only thing that won't get a sunburn

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  3. does a hat hide or expose your exihbitionist side hmmm find out at camp I guess

  4. cloud.. hide it i think.. well it might just hide my blushing face...
    not much protection from the sun though.. on those delicate parts.. sighhhh


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