Monday, July 25, 2005

my secret garden

Sir says i love angels, but truthfully i do believe i love fairies most of all.. more than angels.. more than Dr Seuss, more than anything. Fairies live in the garden, they bathe in the morning dew and they play in the star light.

i wanted a secret garden.. a place for the fairies to come .. a place where i could curl up and read..or curl up and write.. or just curl up and enjoy the soft summer sounds.

Sir helped me create just such a secret garden this weekend. Mostly it involved dismantling and rearranging and some shopping too. He dismantled the patio table and the patio chairs and the ugly patio umbrella. He took me shopping for wicker and more wicker and nice rot iron umbrella stands. And when it was all done Sir gave me lots of permission to curl up in my secret garden and read and listen and watch for the fairies...

Sir says once people come to visit it won't be secret anymore... but i say when people come - outsiders - they will see a small patio with wicker furniture... they won't see my secret garden... because.. well... because it is a secret of course !!!!


  1. Anonymous7:54 pm

    That sounds lovely! Wish I had a secret garden.

    My sister once believed that there actually were fairies in gardens. She read a book once about the irish belief in them. Some years later, a perfect circle of mushrooms appeared in our mum's garden. My sister thought it indicated fairies.

    Then our father mowed over them!

  2. anita.. thank you for sharing that story with me... i had to laugh over dad mowing the tend to be a whole lot more pragmatic about things like fairies and mushroom rings.......


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