Saturday, June 28, 2014

Just Rollin' along

Some days it is harder to come up with a blog than other days - but I do like to post something every day................... 

24/7 isn't very exciting.  It is nothing like the fantasies folks have - nothing at all like 50 Shades of Grey - it's just life with a different spin - sort the other morning - a spanking with the kitchen spoon in the kitchen - then bent over the counter sex with me kicking the baking drawer closed so I didn't have to wash all the baking dishes (smart move on my part - cause I did land up having to wash the floor  under my feet)    nothing very kinky or 50 shadey - but damn it is good!!

Peek in our windows and you probably wouldn't be able to distinguish any D/s from the regular stuff (unless of course you peeked in the kitchen window the other morning - cheeky grin)  

We're just rollin' along................. 


day 46 of 365


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