Friday, June 27, 2014

Ghostly Adventure

day 45 of 365

Kingston came up with this great idea....... to sell season's passes to it's residents for boat tours, museums, trolley rides - all the touristy things that folks do here in the summer.  Their reasoning - which was an excellent one - when we Kingstoners have summer guests we will encourage them to do all the attractions and we won't have to pay for our entry.

For W and I it is a great idea!!  Forget visitors - there are still so many things we want to do and see around the city............ and for a small price for our passes we can now get into everything for free.

One of the perks of buying this pass was that we got an email telling us Kingston Trolley tours were going to start a Ghost Tour this summer and we were invited on the very first run last night.

It was a gorgeous night. I love ghost tours!!  So we had an early dinner and headed downtown around 6:00 p.m. The Trolley was air conditioned which pleased W (but left me with goose bumps - and not from the ghost stories!). 

Our Ghost Hunter / Trolley Driver was very knowledgeable about Kingston's history which made the evening delightful.  (and considering how much research I have done on the history of  Kingston I was very pleased to see he was - for the most part  - historically accurate!)

The only fault I had was that tour was more historical facts and not a whole lot of ghostly stories.  I can not believe in a town as old as Kingston that there aren't more ghost stories.  (time to make some up I think - to make the tour just a tad more 'ghostly').  Nevertheless we had an enjoyable 2 hour tour and I had fun trying to shoot pictures out the window of a moving, bumping, rocking bus.

No ghost tour would be complete without a stop at the local cemetery.............

mmmmmmmmmm - could those be ghostly apparitions dancing amongst the head stones??

W and I finished the evening off at the local A&W having ice cream floats sitting outside at the picnic tables.  What a fun adventure! 

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