Thursday, September 20, 2012

Long Day

Yesterday was a long day - a bloody long day.  I started at 7a.m. and got home finally at 8:00p.m.  Oh I had a break or two (of an hour) thrown in to keep me sane .......... but it was still a really LONG day.  My staff is on edge because they all want to know if they got the jobs they applied for - I am on edge cause I don't know if I will have enough staff once the dust settles.  AND none of us will know for sure before Friday!  (oh yeah and the new jobs start on Monday - not a whole mess of time to get organised)  (OH YEAH and don't forget I have the government deadline where all my i's have to be dotted and all my t's crossed next week as well !! God bless the Board's timing!!)

Then I have been having visits to the lil condo.  I have had people peering in my front windows and back windows........ trampling through my flower beds......... and I haven't said a word cause one of those nosy peeping toms could land up actually buying this place - BUT it has been driving me crazy.  As well I have had the scheduled visits through the front door and through the house.......... leaving lights on all over the place - driving poor miss ashes to distraction.  And managing to keep me on edge - will this be the one who makes an offer??

I did have one offer about 2 weeks ago - according to the agent - it was an insulting offer.  So I can't count that one.

Anyway - getting back to yesterday - when I finally got home - checked my emails (nothing from W) I pulled on my pj's and crawled into bed exhausted.  It was just after 8:30pm .......... about 10 minutes later the phone rang.  It was my agent..  My heart stopped - she never calls at that hour.  She told me  Tuesday an agent told her he was going to make an offer ................. BUT last evening (while I was yawning my way through a night meeting) a second visit to the condo produced an offer.  She doesn't know what it is...... but their agent wants to meet with me today after work. She will contact the first agent and see if she can get a little bidding war going......... Personally I just want one fair offer......... that's all......... one fair offer.

After I hung up - I missed W something awful.  How I wanted his advise!!  How I wished he would be able to sit beside me when the offer was made................. 

BUT that is silly.  First of all he is there - I am here.  Secondly I will have my agent to help me work out the offer.......... and I am not dumb.  I can (and WILL) decide on my own to accept or reject - or make a counter offer.  

BUT I decided the next best thing was to call him........... speak to him - hear his voice - and lo and behold while I was talking to him........ his internet magically came on and started working !!!  YAY!!

So as I am sitting here writing this (in the early morning darkness - who can sleep with so much going on ??) I realized I could sit with my netbook on the table - fire off emails to W - get his response - and it will be just like he is sitting at the table with 
me !!  Everything falls into place - eventually !! 

So the big question today will be ............................



Sir said...

We should set up Skype and then I can be there at the meetings...

Or I can/will drive down for the meeting


Buffalo said...

Good morning.

BlazngScarlet said...

Stay positive!

Renee said...

Exciting times!

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