Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Saturday night

And now we come to Saturday evening's play party and how i traded my body for a box of stationary..... BUT before i go any further.. i have to clarify that statement... i didn't trade my body .. Sir did !!!

At the workshops they had been selling raffle tickets .. and one of the prizes was this box of geisha writing paper. i coveted the paper.. i drooled over the paper... i fluttered my eyelashes and bought gobs of raffle tickets so i could win it. The drawing was to take place during the Mr Leather contest early in the evening......... Sir and i decided to skip the contest and have a rest .. shower .. dinner and change for the evening's play party. They promised me that IF i won.. they would hold the prize until we returned later in the evening.

Now before i go much further.. i have to share with you my state of mind as we headed back to the club at 10:30 p.m. i was nervous...... nervous may be too mild a term...... i was near panic........ During the caning workshop / demo Sir had mentioned a couple of times how much of a pain slut i was....... problem was / is .. we hadn't played hard for awhile... and i wasn't feeling much like a pain slut... and so i was a bundle of nerves.. worrying that i wouldn't live up to my reputation.

When we arrived at the club we socialized with a few friends.. while the play started around us. During these socialization times Sir and i often become separated. i was standing watching folks wander in.. watching some play going on..... when a submissive friend came up to me and asked me if she could use my body as a punching bag. Truthfully i thought she was teasing........ joking around. i looked at her puzzled and asked her to explain. she answered "you know .. let me punch you". i studied her some more (sometimes - no truthfully a lot of the time - i don't understand when someone is pulling my leg......... this was definitely one of those times!!) i asked her again... "you want to punch my body??!!" and she answered "yes" i shrugged my shoulders and said "i guess so........ but i have to talk to Sir" and she laughed and said "i already did"........ While my brain was processing all this mush that posed as conversation.. Sir and her Master came over laughing and she told them i had agreed. Immediately the box of geisha paper was thrust in front of my nose........ and she told me that was the payment for letting her punch me.

She went on to say how punching someone allowed her top side to come out and it always warmed her up nicely for a session with her Master. i was staring at the box of paper in my hands and nodding like a bobble head doll ........ i remember asking her where she was going to punch...... and she pointed to the play area..... DUH!!! i meant what parts of my body........ she explained only fleshy muscle bits would be punched.. not my stomach or face ..... i kept nodding and looking at the geisha. Finally i think Sir took the box away from me....... i honestly don't remember where it disappeared to. The next thing i knew she was strapping on a form of boxing glove....... i am pretty sure i must have looked an awful lot like a deer caught in the headlights of some car.......... i didn't have a clue what i had gotten myself into. (add to that the nervousness i was feeling prior to this..... and we can safely assume i was just about a basket case)

She picked out an area of floor and demonstrated why she needed room .. how she bounced around.. weaving and ducking. i started to worry that maybe i was supposed to punch back..... and asked what i was suppose to do! she told me to just stand there. And immediately she punched my shoulder. i turned and gave her such a look.. the "hey you hit ME" look and she started to laugh......... and then i started to giggle.. and the two of us fell into each other's arms laughing ourselves silly.

Then she started punching for real....... and i am just standing there staring at Sir and her Master thinking how silly is THIS??!! she is ducking and weaving and punching.. and i can barely stand still.... Finally her Master stepped forward and held my arms a little bit for balance.. well until she came around the front and went to punch the front of my thighs.. then He moved away and just let her go at it.......

There was quite a crowd that gathered to watch this spectacle (truthfully i have NO idea what else to call it)........ she is telling me how she took this workshop about percussion play put on by the Legions of the Night or some such name .. a group from Montreal.... and how she had really gotten hooked on punching.

i have no idea how long this punching went on....... i have to be honest and say that the total experience just felt silly for me.... it didn't so much hurt as kinda burn in places.. especially my breasts where she landed a couple of good punches....... but then it was over and she and i were laughing together and hugging.

Once the thank yous were out of the way.... her Master wasted no time in getting her tied onto a spanking bench and starting in on her ass............. and i can assure you .. for the few minutes i was allowed to watch.......i thoroughly enjoyed hearing her cries of pain......... pay back is hell ain't it??

Later i will tell you about my turn on the easel .......... and other interesting unnerving events from the evening.........


Buffalo said...

Uh, film at 11, ms. tyson?

SeaRabbit said...

Maybe that punching class could help me with the BPD... You are giving me some neat idea here...

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