Wednesday, August 01, 2007


From time to time i get some interesting emails. i have been spared the ugly ones that some who blog seem to get.. mind you i also seem to avoid the nasty comments as well (now of course i have probably jinxed myself!!)

But that is not what i set out to write about. A few weeks back i received an email from someone who requested that i write erotic emails to him. To his credit he did admit he would be "masturbating" to them's always refreshing to meet an honest person. He was also pretty clear that i would have to write very explicit emails and he would direct me what to write about.. oh yeah.. and the final request .. that i was to masturbate while i wrote them.

i forwarded the email to Sir and then put the email in the junk folder. There was no way in hell i was gonna even bother answering his missive. On one of our Friday coffee klutches i brought it up with Sir and Cloud. Cloud saw it as a challenge for my writing skills.. Sir suggested IF he was serious that i request payment for this service.

i have to admit when i sat down to answer his email.. the thought of putting in a request for money made me feel a tad bit like a prostitute - BUT then - i was curious to see how he would react.

His reaction was - to be honest - exactly what i expected. He wanted these emails for free.. he was not entirely satisfied with the fact that i don't masturbate to porn........ and he wanted a sample of what he could expect for his money.

Well if he thought he was gonna get a freebie he was sadly mistaken...... i directed him to my Fictional Journey and informed him that his free sample of my writing ability could be found there.

The outcome was.. my writing was not up to his standards. (thank god!! i do like to think i write a little bit above the usual porn) And he has moved on in his quest to find a submissive who will write free porn for him..........

All of this is to say......... i have posted part 4 of the house boy series........ it isn't porn but then i never claimed to write porn !!!


  1. I can't think of one pithy thing to say re mr. want to play for free.

  2. Anonymous12:18 am

    I get weird emails but even that one is weirder than my usual inbox.

    I think your Sir had you do exactly the right thing in asking for payment!


  3. Anonymous3:19 pm

    Oh!! This is the funniest thing I ever read!!!! Porn e-mail for free.... and not even as a tease to someone you know, not even only from mails... lololol... Some guys are such dreamers??? It is very disapointing and I'm glad you set him up the right way... ;-))


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