Wednesday, August 15, 2007

summers end

i was sitting outside in my secret garden reading the mail, when i opened a letter from my school. It was the annual invitation to breakfast from my principal. i sat there staring at the letter thinking 'well it is official - summer is over'. i return to work next Monday morning, the annual breakfast for staff is the following Tuesday..... and the kids return on the Wednesday. i have exactly 4 precious days of holiday left.

On my first day of holidays i made a list of everything i wanted to get done over the summer... i crossed each item off as it was completed. The list is complete. The summer is over......... Oh there are things i didn't do.. that i had secretly hoped i would ....... like seeing more of the grandkids.. of going to the park near Sir's house and watching at least one of the fireworks shows.. of sleeping in the tent at least once during the summer.. but those things really don't weigh heavily on the negative side.. it was a good summer all in all.

i spent loads of hours in my secret garden reading 7 books!! (i am still working on #8) .. and i am probably browner this summer than i have been in many summers ( i don't intentionally sit in the sun or sun bathe) and i had lots of naps.. some in the morning.. some in the afternoon...... (i love naps!!)

But school beckons. i wonder as i sit here how my kiddies fared over the long hot summer months. i wonder if they are excited / scared at the thought of school starting.. and i am reminding myself to drag poor old Lemon Drop out of the corner .. dust him off and get him ready for those first school buses.

Another summer ends.. and another fall beckons............


  1. Mighty short school vacations in Canada. Doesn't seem right. How many days constitutes a school year?

  2. Buffalo:

    There are 182 "kid" days..... and 200 and something staff days....

    and yeah .. summer vacation is short.. but the parents don't think it is short enough .......

    morningstar (owned by Warren)

  3. Anonymous7:45 pm

    It seems like you JUST went on summer vacation! That really zipped by.


  4. But there is thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas. The first snow fall the brightly cover leaves and walks in the park with out bugs and a desperate need for hot choclate. ANd then of course there is naked snow angels!

  5. It is true... my kids will be back on the 28th. I've been working getting set up for the last few days. Still work to do, but I'm close to being ready again I think. The summer hasn't been all we wished it would be, but I know there is that place in me that is longing for the return of kid energy.

    I hope you have a great year!

    hugs, swan


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