Wednesday, August 08, 2007

steamy days and steamy thoughts

ok.. so maybe pictures of the train layout aren't so steamy to some of you....... but .. try steam engine - there now doesn't that count as an entry under steamy days?? oh never mind........ i wanted to post some pics of the campground and the
mountain/tunnel and waterfall (which by the way i am still not happy with - so don't be surprised if i rip it out one of these days and start over !!)

In the middle of this heat we are having........ (please let it stay till after this weekend!!) i decided we couldn't go to camp without some home baking........ so i got busy this morning and made a couple of ....... pans of sweets (i am not going to say what because i want to surprise Sir and we all know He reads my blog regularly) .... and then i got to thinking i should really organise some snacky stuff.. you know for pre-dinner drinks and appetizers...invite some of the campers over and share....... and then my mind went off wandering conjuring up all sorts of images.....

Sir is bringing the "glad wrap" industrial size to camp.... He mentioned it might be fun to wrap me around a tree.......... and i threw in some tarps because Sir packed THE waxing candle........ and well.... my mind took those items and imagined me as a serving platter for the appetizers...... all rolled up in the glad wrap - hygiene you know - laying on one of the laid out on me for the "company " to help themselves....... (if memory serves me right i did write something like that in my Fictional Journal). Anywayyyyyyyyyy... getting back to the point at hand....... all this imagining has made me rather hot and steamy..... and then i thought.... god forbid!! what if someone wants ICE with their drink??? do i have to be an ice bucket as well?? perish the thought.. this is my daydream.. no ice allowed!!! (oh and Cloud - no carrots either!!)

It's fun to daydream......... safe to daydream...... we just don't know enough folks at this camp to actually "invite" anyone over for drinks and appetizers.......but it did add to the steamy day .............


  1. Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

    The scenery is truly well done!

    Uh, how about carrots and dip?

  2. Carrots and dip what a great idea! Something to put the carrots in with!
    Hey since when do you have to know someone to invite them for drinks and snacks is that not a way of getting to know someone?

    Oh Nanuck of the great white north say weather will be balm well balmy for an Eskimo but due have fun. I am jealous can you tell. Have great fun and duo bring back of plenty of stories and pictures.

  3. Anonymous4:40 pm

    As hot and steamy as that plastic wrap makes things, I'd think ice would be a welcome addition for you.

    Soooo... wrap you to a tree and then what? Blow gun dart practice??




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