Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Just some Summer thoughts

Remember those buds of black eyed susans that i posted a while back?? well they are in full glorious bloom ....... brightening up a corner of my garden..... they make me smile..... i don't exactly know why except maybe because they are bright and cheerful and sunny......

Remember BDSM summer camp coming up this weekend...... well Sir made sure all the toys were packed on Sunday......... now i am just wondering if we can forget a bag?? just kinda leave it sitting in the play room....... ooops i forgot??

Remember how i had to take my lil red honda in for what i feared was a new transmission.... well it wasn't the transmission just a solenoid and i saved myself a heap of dollars ... YIPEEEEEEEEEE!!! The lil red honda now has a smoothly running engine.. a new windshield.. and next week new tires..... all set to start it's job of chauffeuring me back and forth to school....

And talking about school ......... swan posted a great Youtube video..... not something i am prone to do..... i usually find them long to load.. and sometimes a bit boring....... but this one you have to watch........ this video makes me remember a song from the 60's "Say it LOUD I'm black and I'm proud".. in my case.. "Say it LOUD.. i teach and i'm proud!"


  1. Oh! You actually got the video to embed! I couldn't make Blogger do that to save my butt! Good for you. Isn't he just fabulous? I'd keep him if he followed me home ;-)

    Oh, and your flowers are wonderful, too.

    hugs, swan

  2. Anonymous9:09 pm

    That was by far the best way to explain to someone why you want to be a teacher.

    Thank you for sharing that :)


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