Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Sir told me on Sunday night to set my alarm....... and i did.. and it didn't work. i checked and double checked and set it again..... and it still didn't work. i had no idea what do to.. other than throw the damn thing out and get a new one........ Last night i was belly aching to Sir that my alarm didn't work and because it wasn't working i wasn't sleeping - for fear of sleeping in. i told Sir i had checked and double checked.. it was set for AM not PM and still it didn't work. Sir looked at me and asked if the clock was set for PM or AM.. the clock?? it doesn't know automatically whether it is AM or PM?? i checked this afternoon...... the clock was set for AM instead of PM.. therefore my alarm was probably going off at 5:30 PM - but how would i know?? i haven't been home at 5:30 PM... Now i could have set the alarm for 5:30 PM and everything would be fine...... but i am a conformist sort.. so i reset the clock to the correct time period.. and hopefully tomorrow morning my alarm will sing out brightly at 5:30..........

i have noticed recently that i have been getting a fair number of hits from google.. how nice right?? people are googling things like clothes pegs and clamps and pussy and dropping by to visit The Journey. BUT i am wondering about the people who google innocent things like grandmother's corset or Norman Rockwell's Thanksgiving Dinner and land up on The Journey. i wonder at the expressions on their faces as they read... though perhaps they don't actually read..... having discovered they have landed up on an XX rated site.. perhaps they just "tsk tsk" and move on......... it makes me smile to think of all the innocent people that stumble upon The Journey and the shock waves that must hit.........

When i was going through the menopause process.. my nails would break if i just looked at them........ which was more than a little annoying as i had always had strong nails that grew nice and long. So.. for more than a few years.. i went and had false nails put on... and i always had a french manicure. i loved the way it looked on my hands. Then i got through the menopause thingy (or at least i assume i am through.. the doctor says i am through) and my nails are back to their old strength again. No more need for false nails. BUT i have been missing my french manicure. When Sir and i were on our cross border shopping trip... i treated myself to a french manicure kit. It promised to be easy as pie to apply. i can be pretty gullible sometimes and so i bought it. i have tried twice now to give myself a french manicure. The results have been ........ ugly... there just isn't any better way to put it.. ugly !!! The white tip polish is more like "liquid paper" and flows faster than i can control....... it lands up running down my cuticles over my fingers. i even managed somehow or other to get it all over my desk... i didn't notice and landed up plunking my elbow in it......... and it takes - trust me on this one - a gallon of nail polish remover to get the white off the skin and off the nails.......i am now sporting a very nice pale pink nail polish........ so much for french manicures !!!

i have been back at school for two days now. It has been so quiet i can hear myself think! The only people in are the caretaking staff, the secretary, and the roofers. The roofers are quiet but smelly.... god are they smelly.. well not them exactly - as i haven't actually "met" them..... but the new roof is smelly....... so i am caught between a rock and a hard place.. close my window so i don't smell the tar and die of heat stroke.. or open my window and die of asphyxiation. Today i was working away stuffing envelopes (i have such a highfalutin job don't i ?? stuffing envelopes!!) and i heard this noise...... a strange noise.. it started off soft and started to build......... i rushed into the hallway to discover 3 kiddies playing hide and seek in the deserted halls. In exactly 8 more days those 3 lone kiddies will be replaced by 300+ kiddies ......... and the noise i heard today will be welcome music to my ears again.

And that's about it for my subbie meanderings...... nothing very subbie like about them....but life is not always beatings and clamps...... sometimes life is just that.... life.


  1. Just for my understanding a French manicure starts at the elbow and works its way down to the finger nails. So if you are doing toes do you start at you knees? Is that right!

  2. That Google search thing...? The one that gives me nightmares is the one where some of my darling sixth grade boy scouts are doing a completely innocent search on paddling (as in canoe), and come up with... well... ME! Now, that can keep me up at night! EEEK!


  3. Pretty sad that someone is defeated by both an alarm clock and fingernail polish. Who would have thought?

    (Is that a cheeky or snarky comment?)

  4. drakor.. oh yes.. much like my painting skills.. oh and much like my cooking skills.. and much like my arty farty train layout skills.. make a mess to create a master piece.. LOL.. then find a houseboy to clean up the messes..

    swan.. trust me i hear you on that fear !! i often wonder.. especially when i occasionally will mention something about work if i won't show up in some Google search..... i just keep a saying a silent prayer..

    and Buffalo..... it is good to receive a snarky cheeky comment from you again. it has been too long.. LOL.. now ask yourself this.. what makes a good submissive?? LOL

    morningstar (owned by Warren)


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