Wednesday, August 22, 2007

rare beast...

i have mentioned more than once here on The Journey - my love of all things "geisha". To me the geisha are the epitome of elegance and grace and all things feminine and submissive. Once .. way back when.. i re-learned the japanese art of the Tea Ceremony and actually did serve Tea a couple of times to Sir's guests. i spent a goodly amount of time trying to emulate all that is geisha........ But time passed and i seem to have gotten away from those ways... from the graceful serving and quiet step.

Today kaya wrote about the difference wearing a dress makes in her outlook on life..... how she is more inclined to put on makeup and do her hair .. jeans and a tshirt = grunge..
and i couldn't help but think how true that statement is.... how easily we can fall back into sloppy life styles....... slapping dinner down with no grace or pleasure..... performing tasks/chores because they must be done.. rather than because it is for Sir's pleasure or health......... just sliding from day to day with little grace or elegance.

On Monday evening Sir and i were out for dinner with some friends from the lifestyle. We sat opposite a couple we haven't visited with in a long while. Again.... way back when..... we used to "hang out" .. socialize together... and she and i used to share secrets and giggle and compare notes on what our Sirs expected from us. i was always most impressed by her ease at serving. Now it seems .. at least to me.. that the community here is not impressed with the art of serving.... as much as they are impressed with the latest fet wear.. and the latest S/M club (stand and model club) ... it seems to me that the art of serving as a thing of beauty and elegance is passé .. well that is until Monday evening.

i watched as she discussed with her Master what to order for dinner.. i watched as she ordered for them both.... i watched as she cut open his dinner roll and buttered and placed it on his plate without batting an eyelash. i watched as she served Him .. from the main course through dessert....... and it was a thing of beauty. i also listened as she laughed softly over silly things said to her.. not once did she roll her eyes or glare.. or show anything other than acceptance........ (wow!!!)

i thought perhaps i had been the only one to witness the elegance of serving that took place at our table...... but when i mentioned it to Sir He had noticed and admired it too. And Sir voiced what i had been thinking....... "it is time for us to go back to the serving with elegance and grace".

Serving with grace and elegance may be a rare beast - but it is not extinct yet..... thank goodness !!!


  1. Expressing surprise, not being critical, Vanilla Buffalo would think the dominant would order the meal for both.

  2. Anonymous8:43 pm

    I know M orders for both of us. Sometimes I have say in what I'm getting, sometimes not. Though I understand the service part of ordering for your Dominant.

    M also does 90% of the driving and opens doors for me, but I know other couples who reverse that as well. I much prefer it the way we do it, to be honest.

    Elegance and grace. Things to hang on to. Or.. find again. ;)


  3. civility is always my choice over any form of barbarism. Order and forms of old respect show a level of self worth.I applaud any effort to return to a more service oriented ways and etiquette.

  4. And, however it is achieved, it is mostly about being "mindful" isn't it. We can fall away when we forget who we are and what we are about. The grace comes when we are where we ought to be...


  5. Buffalo..... yes sometimes the Master can order for both..... in their case she conferred with Him and then did the ordering..if you think about it.. the Master had better things to do with His time and so the submissive stepped in and took care of it.....

    kaya.. Sir does 99% of the driving for us..... i think that is more self preservation than anything else.. LOL.. and i am not comfortable driving the big station wagon....

    cloud.. well you know where we stand on serving.. sometimes though.. we both get lazy.. it is time to find the old ways again.. and bring us closer together..

    swan.. as always you said it so beautifully... i find sometimes i serve remotely.. like a robot.. with no thought.. i want to get back to making each action / deed a statement of who and what i am.. and who i serve...

    thanks for the comments folks!! They always inspire me

    morningstar (owned by Warren)

  6. I've always a great admiration for Geisha myself.

    Serving with grace and elegance REALLY is a lost art.
    Shame really.

  7. I order for my Master too. We sit down and he tells me what he wants. I have to remember certain things like no ice in his drink, no salt on the fries, no garlic, no this, change that to make his order perfect for him. I do this as a service to him. He says that since I prepare his meal at home that I shall make sure it's prepared to his specifications when out as well.

    I would love to add more service to what I do; the grace and beauty of geisha I really do admire. It's not something easily taught! I'm going to have to work on my discipline I think.


  8. Anonymous10:02 pm

    ...and with this I suddenly understand everything.


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